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The crime of carjacking is taken very seriously in Maryland and other states. Anyone convicted of this crime is looking at a lengthy prison sentence. This should not be taken lightly.

What Is Carjacking?

Carjacking is stealing a motor vehicle from its driver by force or threat of force. It may involve a number of offenses, including robbery, assault and weapons charges.

Carjacking is an extremely dangerous crime and can result in serious injury or death even when the accused did not intend to injure anyone. If someone is killed in a carjacking or attempted carjacking, the accused can face the death penalty in federal court.

While carjacking often involves the use of a weapon, you can face carjacking charges simply for threatening a driver with violence.

What happens when a Minor is accused of Carjacking?

Many people who are charged with carjacking are minors. Minors accused of carjacking face the risk of being charged as an adult, and they will face adult consequences if they are convicted.

The early involvement of an experienced lawyer is absolutely essential to attempting to keep your child’s case in juvenile court, where the emphasis is on rehabilitation, not incarceration.

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