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Laurel, Maryland is located in Prince George’s County, which is about midway between Washington D.C. and Baltimore. The Department of Defense has a notable presence in Laurel with Fort Meade and the National Security Agency. With so much federal property, criminal matters can become even more complicated. Be sure to call a Laurel criminal lawyer to help guide you through the process.

Prince George’s County Court Houses

When facing criminal charges many times the case does not go to trial. However, if you and your attorney choose the best option is to go to court to fight the accusations, knowing where to go is the first step. Prince George’s County has two District Courts, one in Upper Marlboro and one in Hyattsville. To get to the courthouse in Upper Marlboro there is Bus Route 20 and 21 available, as well as metered parking, a parking garage, and free parking at the Equestrian Center if driving. The District Court in Hyattsville is located on Bus Route 13 and offers parking at a garage or metered parking on the street. Both courthouses are just a short distance from Laurel, Maryland.

Offenses in Laurel, Maryland

Disturbing the Peace

Laurel Criminal Attorney 300x153 - Laurel Criminal Defense LawyerDisturbing the peace and disorderly conduct are often two offenses that fall under the same accusations. The actions that accompany these charges is often being too noisy, picketing, protesting or obstructing traffic. Any of the following actions can lead to a charge of disorderly conduct; obstructing access to a public place, making too much noise on private property or unlawfully picketing. Though there are exceptions, if you have been arrested for disturbing the peace, the charge is a misdemeanor with penalties including up to $500 in fines and up to 60 days in jail. If you have been charged with disturbing the peace, call a Laurel criminal attorney to fight for you.


There are several offenses that are contained in Title 6 of the Maryland Criminal Code such as arson, malicious burning of personal property, burning a trash container and attempting to burn structure of the property. When being charged with arson, it can be either a misdemeanor or felony. The offenses of arson and malicious burning can be in the first or second degree, depending on the damage and other facts of the case. On top of facing prison time, judges can impose a period of probation ranging from one to five years. Arson cases can get tricky to defend, allow a skilled Laurel criminal attorney help.

Child Support

Child support hearings can be a heated debate between both parties. Often times custody and child support issues are determined in the same hearing. When determining child support the judge will look at custody and visitation rights, incomes, and child care expenses. If later on life changes, you may then request child support modification. The request can be to increase or decrease child support based on a change in wages or change in circumstances with child care expenses. Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment. Contact the Law Offices of Randolph Rice for a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I refuse to take an alcohol test after being arrested for a DUI/ DWI?

If you are pulled over in the State of Maryland and are suspected of driving under the influence the police officer will request that you complete a series of tests. There are many tests including following a pen with your eyes, walk and turn and a one leg stand. However, there is also a breathalyzer test that may be required once arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. If you refuse to take the breathalyzer test or a blood test to check your blood alcohol content (BAC), your license will be suspended for 120 days for the first offense or one year if it is a subsequent offense. If you are facing DUI/DWI charges, contact the Law Offices of Randolph Rice to defend you.

What are some conditions of probation that may be imposed?

Being placed on probation is often the punishment if you have been found guilty or plead guilty to a charge. Probation is often the court saying that provided you don’t commit any further violations you do not have to receive the maximum amount of jail time. If the judge sentences you to be put on probation for a stated amount of time, there may be several conditions imposed. One of the most obvious is to obey all laws while on probation. However, the court can issue many other conditions such as taking drug tests, having an ignition interlock installed on your vehicle, attending self-help or parenting classes and even not to be found near a specific location as ordered by the Court. An experienced Laurel lawyer will help explain the attached conditions to your probation.

I have been subpoenaed to testify, what if I do not appear?

A subpoena is a court order requiring you to provide information by testifying whether in court or at a deposition. Refusing to comply can result in contempt of court charges, punishable by jail time and/ or a fine. However, there are legal reasons to not testify. One is that you claim the Fifth Amendment due to self-incriminating evidence. This method will only work if you have not been given immunity from the prosecution. If you have been subpoenaed, call a Laurel criminal attorney today to discuss your options.

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With so much on the line, including your job and family, don’t gamble with your future. Facing criminal charges can carry harsh penalties that create a stressful experience. Call an experienced Laurel criminal attorney to advise you of your rights.


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