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Snow Hill is located in Worcester County, Maryland and is part of the Salisbury – Delaware Metropolitan Area. The community is small, but mistakes can still occur.

Many times people don’t plan on breaking the law and getting caught. So, if you have been charged with a crime contact a Snow Hill criminal defense lawyer.

Court Houses in Worcester County

When going to court you don’t want to have to worry about the small details of where to appear and where to park. If you have been charged with a crime in Snow Hill there are two District Courts in the county.

One of the courts is located in Snow Hill on Commerce Street. There is parking in the front of the building and operates Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Circuit court for Worcester County is also located in Snow Hill on One West Market Street.

Snow Hill Criminal Attorney 300x216 - Snow Hill Criminal Defense LawyerDefenses to Common Offenses

Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is the delivery, sale or importation of illegal drugs, most often cocaine, marijuana or methamphetamine.

Depending on the amount and type of illegal substance the sentencing can be much more severe.

However, there are defenses to trafficking charges. One is that the police did not have probable cause to conduct a search.

If the search was not legal then a defense attorney can argue that all evidence obtained from the search should be inadmissible. If the drugs are inadmissible then the State has no drug trafficking charges.

So, if you have been charged with a drug related offense contact an experienced Snow Hill criminal attorney today.

Assault with a deadly weapon

There are many forms of assault, but one of the most serious is assault with a deadly weapon. The weapon must be one that could inflict death or serious injury to the victim.

The victim need not be harmed by the weapon but felt threatened with the possibility of harm. Consequences are severe, but there are defenses. One of the most popular is self- defense.

In this argument, the defendant admits to the act but says that he was justified in their threatening or violent actions. The core issue to this defense is to prove who was the aggressor and was the action reasonable.

Reasonableness can be a huge burden to prove, so contact a Snow Hill defense attorney to discuss your case.

Driving on a suspended license

Driving on a suspended license can carry a penalty of a year in jail and/or a $500 fine, depending on the section of the Maryland code you are charged under. One of the most popular defenses to driving while suspended is that the defendant did not receive the notice.

In order to prove this, you must show that you, in fact, did not know, rather than not just willfully ignoring the notice that has been mailed to you. Another defense is that the initial traffic stop was not based on probable cause, therefore, making the secondary citation of driving while suspended null. Both of these defenses are complicated, so call a skilled Snow Hill lawyer to ensure the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for my court trial?

When going to court it is important to inform your lawyer of any documents you receive to ensure that they are up to date on the proceedings. When prepping for trial your attorney can walk you through what will happen and what to expect.

When appearing in court, you should dress appropriately, meaning slacks and a button down for men. For women dresses, or skirts or dress pants with a blouse is appropriate. It is important to show respect for the court when appearing.

Other than appearing your attorney will do most of the work and will tell you when to speak. So, if you are charged with a crime and have a court appearance, discuss your case with an experienced attorney.

How do I know what the statute of limitations is?

The statute of limitations varies depending on the crime that is charged. For murder or manslaughter there is no statute of limitation, however, for many misdemeanors, there is a statute of limitations of an average of three years.

For criminal cases, the running of the statute of limitations must be brought up as an affirmative defense to the offense. Knowing when the statute of limitations has run and how to use that to your advantage may be a tricky issue.

That is why you need to call a Pasadena criminal attorney to assist in the trying of the case.

Should I accept the plea bargain or take my chances at court?

No lawyer will ever promise you what the results of your court date will be. An experienced attorney will be able to sit you down and tell you what the outcomes may be.

If you are offered a plea bargain, you should discuss the offer with your lawyer. If it appears that the prosecution has a rock solid case, it may be best to take the plea bargain of a lesser offense to avoid a lengthy court trial.

However, if you want to fight the charges in court, then, by all means, the plea bargain should be denied. Nothing is concrete, but a Snow Hill criminal lawyer can walk you through possible outcomes.

We Can Help You if you’re facing criminal charges

Being arrested and charged can be scary, but asking for help doesn’t have to be. When you call Rice, Murtha & Psoras you get up front and skilled advice. If you have been charged with a crime an experienced Snow Hill criminal defense attorney can help.


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