Finding a Baltimore County DUI Lawyer for Your DUI Arrest

Baltimore County DUI lawyer Randolph RIce

Finding a Baltimore County DUI lawyer to defend your DUI

We hear it everyday, our clients can’t believe they got stopped and charged with DUI. Of the approximately 24,000 DUI cases filed in Maryland every year, Baltimore County accounts for about 2,500 of those DUI cases.

DUI Statistics in Baltimore County, Md

In 2015 there were 2,471 total DUI cases in Baltimore County. Of those cases, 623 resulted in a guilty finding. 83 of those cases resulted in a not guilty, or a judge or jury found the defendant was not driving under the influence. 1,356 of those cases resulted in a probation before judgement, PBJ. 7 cases were dismissed and 245 cases resulted in a nolle prosequi.

How can a DUI attorney help?Anne Arundel County DUI/DWI Defense Attorney

After being charged with drunk driving in Baltimore County, there are number of actions they defended must take to ensure that their licenses protected and that they put the best foot forward for their trial date. Depending on what a person does at the scene of the arrest or back at the police station, will dictate what happens to that driver’s license.

For example, if a driver refuses to take a breath or blood test, then the motor vehicle administration May suspend their license or require them to participate and ignition interlock. If an individual elects to take a breath or blood test, depending on the results the driver may be able to obtain a restricted license or their license may be suspended or be required to participate in the ignition interlock program. With the advice of a trusted DUI attorney, an individual can be advised as to the best course of action to keep driving after a DUI arrest.

Am I going to jail for DUI in Baltimore County?

Statistically speaking, if an individual takes the proper steps prior to trial, then most DUI defendants receive a probation before judgement or PBJ. A PBJ is not a conviction, however it does remain on the driver’s record for their lifetime. A PBJ or guilty finding in a DUI case cannot be expunged. However a result of a stet, nolle prosequi or not guilty can be expunged as long as other conditions are met.

Body-worn camera and my DUI arrest

As a result and response to the Freddie gray case as well as other National police incidents, about half of the Baltimore County Police Department are now wearing body-worn cameras. In addition, other agencies still use dash cameras for their investigations of DUI and DWI arrests. These videos oftentimes can prove helpful in a DUI or DWI case and the defense of an individual.

How Does a DUI Happen

Most DUI cases start with some sort of traffic violation. A police officer observes a driver speeding or violating one of the other traffic codes in Maryland. Once the stop is conducted and the officer approaches the vehicle, he is looking for clues of impairment from the driver. If the officer notices these Clues, he will often times ask the driver to step out of the vehicle and perform standardized field sobriety test. If the officer acquires probable cause after the observations of the standardized field sobriety test, then the officer will typically make a DUI or DWI arrest.

Once the arrest is effectuated, the drivers taken to the police station and given the option of taking a breath or blood test. In addition, if the police suspect drugs or a controlled dangerous substance is involved, they will request a DRE or drug recognition expert to conduct an investigation.

The evidence that the police collect comes from every stage previously discussed. From the moment the officer sees your vehicle and the manner in which your operating it up to the point of the breath or blood test, the police are collecting evidence. If there are discrepancies and what’s on the videotape and what the officer wrote in his report this can be beneficial to the defendant at trial.

Looking for a Baltimore County DUI lawyer

If you’re looking for a Baltimore County DUI lawyer then you found one of the best. Attorney Randolph Rice has been ranked as one of the best DUI lawyers in Baltimore County and is handled and defended hundreds of DUI clients since 2009. Prior to defending individuals charged with drunk driving and driving while impaired, Mr. Rice was a prosecutor and handle thousands of DUI cases in Baltimore County.

For drunk driving in Baltimore County, call attorney Randolph Rice

We understand that you may be worried or scared after a DUI arrest. You may feel like the world is coming to an end and that you will be ruined for the rest of your life. You should not feel that way, with the proper representation for your DUI case, you can move past the incident and return to a prosperous and successful life. Contact the Law Offices of Randolph Rice today to discuss your options and to schedule a free consultation.

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