courtroom 898931 1920 - What is FTA? Failure to Appear:

FTAQ: What does FTA stand for?

A: FTA stands for “failure to appear”

FTA is an acronym for failure to appear in Maryland Courts.  Although it may be used in other States as an abbreviation. If you have FTA’d, that means you have failed to show up in Court after being notified of the Court date.

Q: What happens if I FTA for Court?

A: If you FTA for Court, then the Court will do one of three things:

  1. Reissue a summons for your appearance;
  2. Issue a show cause;
  3. Issue a bench warrant.

Q: What should I do if I FTA?

A: If you FTA and the Court reissues a summons, then the sheriff or another persona associated with the Court will try and serve that summons. If they serve the summons upon you, then you have to appear for the next court appearance.  If you fail to appear for that appearance then the Court can issue a show cause or a bench warrant. If the Court issued a show cause, then you have to appear before the Court and explain why you didn’t appear for the previous Court date. If the Court issued a bench warrant, then you can either turn yourself into the police or have a criminal defense lawyer file a motion to “Quash” the bench warrant and ask the Court to reissue a summons.

Q: What does Quash mean?

A: Quash means to recall, or to void a previous order. If you have a bench warrant and you hire a lawyer to file a motion to quash the bench warrant, the lawyer will argue that the motion be voided and a summons reissued.

Q: How do I hire a lawyer to Quash a Warrant?

Call the Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice, Jr., at (410) 694-7291 to discuss your situation and how we can file a motion to quash the bench warrant.