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Under Age Drinking / Minors Consuming Alcohol

Underage individuals arrested for alcohol violations or use of a false identification (fake i.d.) to gain entrance to a bar or to purchase alcohol should take this matter seriously as there are numerous consequences. Typically, there are criminal penalties, motor vehicle administration driving privilege penalties, as well as a possible disciplinary hearing with administrative personnel where students could be put placed on probation, suspended or even expelled based on code of conduct violations.

What should I do after receiving an Alcohol Violation?

Do not plead Guilty! It is imperative that you retain an aggressive criminal defense attorney as soon as possible so that you can explore your options and realize certain defenses. An accused’s failure to question and force the government to a certain standard by pleading guilty would be giving up valuable constitutional rights and privileges that could ultimately affect the amount of time you spend in jail and the amount of fines, fees and jail costs owed, without receiving anything in return.

Do not take Legal Advice from a Police Officer or a Prosecutor for your alcohol violations.

Often times, there are many things the prosecution does not want you to know. For instance, the government may not have all the witnesses available or witnesses needed to prosecute their case or the prosecution may have evidentiary issues proving every element of the crime. Also, the government may have exculpatory evidence that could prove your innocence. Great things can sometimes happen when the defense is ready for trial and the prosecution is not. A rush to judgment to plead guilty after speaking with a prosecutor or a family friend who is a law enforcement officer might prevent you from the realization of certain potential defenses that could dismiss your case, reduce the charges to a lesser-included offense, or give you a chance to consider alternatives that might help you to avoid the maximum penalties, fines and typical inconveniences associated with someone who is not represented by counsel.

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