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Have you been accused of an indecent exposure or obscenity crime? Seek protection from a criminal defense lawyer to mitigate the consequences of an indecent exposure or obscenity crime accusation. Rice Law offers criminal defense for indecent exposure and obscenity crimes.

Maryland Indecent Exposure Attorney

What is indecent exposure? Indecent exposure is a legal term applied to instances where an individual exposes his or her private parts (including genitals, breasts, or buttocks) while in a public place and in the presence of other individuals.

In the state of Maryland, indecent exposure is considered a misdemeanor offense, and it does not require those sentenced with indecent exposure to register as sex offenders. However, those sentenced with indecent exposure could face jail time of up to 3 years. They may also be penalized with a fine of up to $1,000.

Obscenity Accusation

What is an obscenity crime? The legal term “obscene” may be applied to certain films, images, and text. Child pornography, for instance, is considered obscene material, and an individual in possession or trafficking obscene material may be charged with an obscenity crime. The sentencing applied to an obscenity charge can vary, but may include jail time and fines. Those accused of an obscenity crime may have to register as sex offenders.

Mitigate Charges & Sentencing With a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you opt to utilize Rice Law’s criminal defense attorney, G. Randolph Rice, Jr., you’re gaining several levels of protection. G. Randolph Rice, Jr. will ensure that you aren’t harassed with unwarranted police requests. He’ll inform you of court dates and aid you in filing paperwork properly. During court proceedings, G. Randolph Rice, Jr. aims to protect you from unjust prosecution. He’ll strive to have your charges reduced or dropped, as well as any sentencing lessened. Get in touch with our criminal defense attorney to gain protection!