Attorney for a Paraquat Poisoning Lawsuit

Paraquat is a type of herbicide used in the agricultural industry. Although it is heavily regulated, it is extremely dangerous, and farmers and agricultural workers are at high risk for health complications.

Paraquat poisoning may occur after the herbicide has been ingested, but it can also happen through skin contact. In small quantities, you may experience painful symptoms that require medical attention. In large quantities, you risk serious harm or even death. It is believed that people exposed to Paraquat over time are far more likely to develop Parkinson’s Disease or possibly various cancers. A class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of Paraquat can help injured people can get compensation for their significant damages.

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How Paraquat Poisoning Happens

Paraquat is an herbicide used in the agricultural industry in the United States. It is commonly used as a weed killer on farms. Paraquat is highly toxic to humans and prohibited or restricted in many countries, including the European Union. However, it is still legal in the United States.

Paraquat is commonly found on farms and is applied to fields and crops by agricultural workers and farmers. People are often exposed when they accidentally ingest Paraquat, breathe it in through the air, or accidentally come into contact with it through their skin. How a person encounters Paraquat may determine how bad their injuries and illnesses are.

According to the Center for Disease Control, if a person ingests large quantities of Paraquat, the effects may be immediate and severe. Pain and swelling in the mouth and throat followed by gastrointestinal distress, like vomiting and abdominal pain, are common. Being exposed to large amounts of Paraquat can lead to long-term complications like kidney failure, coma, heart damage, liver failure, lung scarring, and more. Exactly when these effects occur depends on how you were exposed and the quantity of Paraquat involved.

One significant long-term complication from Paraquat exposure is Parkinson’s Disease. Studies have shown that people exposed to Paraquat over time are far more likely to develop Parkinson’s Disease. The people affected by Paraquat exposure are typically farm workers and people in the areas surrounding large farming complexes.

If you or someone you love developed Parkinson’s Disease after being exposed to Paraquat in the past, our attorneys for Paraquat poisoning can help you, and others like you, begin a class action lawsuit for damages.

Filing a Lawsuit for Paraquat Poisoning

If you or someone you care about was exposed to Paraquat in the past and suffered serious health complications, you can file a lawsuit to hold the manufacturers accountable. Our attorneys for paraquat poisoning can help you get compensation from the people responsible for your injuries. Many others have likely been harmed by Paraquat exposure, and a class action lawsuit might be possible.

Many victims of Paraquat poisoning are exposed while working on farms. In many cases, people did not realize they were being exposed to dangerous herbicides. The exposure might have been small but repeatedly happened over time, leading to long-term health complications in the future.

If you are unsure whether you can file a lawsuit, you should consider your history as a farmer or agricultural employee. Did you spend time working on farms? Were you asked to apply herbicides or other chemicals to crops and fields? Have you experienced any adverse health complications like the ones mentioned above? If you answered yes to these questions, contact our attorneys for help immediately.

You can claim damages for past medical expenses you incurred because of your Paraquat poisoning and any current or even future medical expenses. Many serious health complications require ongoing treatment. Conditions like Parkinson’s Disease tend to involve long-term care and can be very expensive.

Liability for Paraquat Poisoning

Paraquat is a dangerous chemical, and there is some evidence to suggest that the manufacturers of Paraquat knew how dangerous it was for years and did not say anything. You can sue the manufacturers for your injuries, but others might share some liability.

Our attorneys for paraquat poisoning can help you file a lawsuit against your employer when you worked on a farm or in the agricultural industry. When applying Paraquat to fields and crops, employees must take certain precautions to avoid exposure. If your employer knew of these precautions but did not bother to instruct you on proper safety protocols, you might be able to sue your employer if you suffered Paraquat poisoning, barring any restrictions from Workers’ Compensation laws in your state.

It might also be possible to sue the manufacturer of the farming equipment you used to apply Paraquat. If the farming equipment was defective or malfunctioned, and the defect or malfunction caused your exposure to Paraquat, you can file a products liability lawsuit against the equipment manufacturer.

Damages in a Paraquat Poisoning Lawsuit

The damages related to Paraquat exposure can be very significant. Many people who experience Paraquat poisoning suffer from long-term illnesses like Parkinson’s Disease. Others may also experience various cancers, lung scarring from inhaling the chemicals, kidney failure, liver failure, and more.

Calculating damages in these cases can be difficult because many people do not realize they experienced Paraquat poisoning until years later. For example, a person exposed to small amounts of Paraquat over time may develop serious illnesses without realizing the root cause. You can claim your past medical expenses from when your health complications began and any current and future medical costs.

If your health problems have caused you to leave work, you can include your lost income in your damages calculations. We can determine the value of your lost income by taking the time you have been away from work and comparing it to your expected salary. We can also account for any expected salary increases you were likely to receive in the future.

We must also consider your pain and suffering when calculating damages. These damages are not tied to any exact price or value but can be estimated by evaluating how these damages affect your daily life. If your physical pain or emotional trauma related to your Paraquat poisoning prevents you from doing daily tasks, we can claim significant damages.

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