How to Report a Workplace Injury in Maryland

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If you were hurt at work in an accident, you might have options about how to file your claim and get compensation. Some injuries must be handled through the workers’ compensation system in Maryland, which means that your case might need to be reported through certain processes and handled by certain agencies and by filing certain forms along the way. In other cases, you could be entitled to go directly to the courts and file an injury lawsuit to help you get compensation. The Baltimore workplace injury lawyers at Rice, Murtha & Psoras explain how to report your case and which system might be best for your case.

How to Report a Work Injury for a Claim in Maryland

Workplace injury cases in Maryland are handled under one of two systems:

  • Many injuries muse be filed through workers’ compensation, where the victim receives payouts from their employer’s insurance.
  • Other cases can be filed in court where the victim can pursue a lawsuit against their at-fault employer.

If you file a workers’ compensation claim for your injuries, the law in Maryland usually requires reporting your injury case within 10 days and filing your claim through the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission with a form that can be accessed on the state workers’ comp. website. You might also have to report your claim to your employer directly.

In other cases, which our Baltimore personal injury lawyers can handle, the reporting requirements might not be as concrete. Instead of having to report your claim to anyone, you can work with a lawyer and work to file the claim in court and take on the responsible parties by directly accusing them of fault and fighting to get compensation from them.

Some laws limit your ability to file a lawsuit, but most independent contractors are able to file personal injury lawsuits – which is helpful in many Baltimore construction accident cases. Additionally, injured workers in Maryland can usually file lawsuits against manufacturers of defective and dangerous products and employers or managers who intentionally cause them assault injuries. If you are confused about how to file your claim and which system you qualify for, call our lawyers immediately and we can help with either type of case.

Filing a Workplace Injury Lawsuit in Maryland

If your case can be handled through the courts, we will often focus on a few early steps in your case. First, we will research your case and discuss what happened with you so that we can build a general theory of the case and produce a “complaint” that details the facts of what happened, how your employer is at fault, and what damages you are seeking.

Second, we will file this with the courts and serve your employer with a copy of the complaint. This helps us start the case quickly and shows how serious you are about your case. Under Maryland personal injury law, you have 3 years before the case must be filed with the court. However, getting the case filed quickly can often help us gather evidence and secure subpoenas and depositions related to your case. This means securing more evidence of what happened to you to help supply proof for your case.

Moreover, we will also send letters to your employer notifying them of your intent to sue and demanding that evidence be preserved. This can help secure security camera footage and encourage other evidence preservation so that we can get subpoenas to have your employer turn over the evidence. When we have evidence of broken safety gear, video of the accident, and other proof of what happened to you, it makes proving your case simpler.

What is the Deadline for Reporting Workplace Injuries in Maryland?

Workers’ compensation rules in Maryland often have strict reporting deadlines for injury cases. If you are going to pursue your case through that route, you might be required to file your claim within 10 days, and applications for workers’ comp. are usually due within 30 days.

If your case is being filed as a personal injury lawsuit, you might have a much longer deadline. Maryland allows victims 3 years to file their case, which means that you do not need to serve your employer or another at-fault party with your complaint and court filings right away. However, it is important to work quickly to preserve evidence and get your case filed.

In some cases, you might learn that your case is filed in the wrong courthouse or that you failed to include certain at-fault parties in the case. In these cases, you could have to refile your case to fix those issues. If you wait too long and get close to the 3-year deadline, you might end up filing your case too late and losing your claim.

It is vital to work with an attorney as soon as you can and file your case quickly to pursue damages in a lawsuit.

When you are filing a workplace injury lawsuit, it is important to only report the injuries to or discuss the case with the necessary parties. Your lawyer might advise you not to discuss the case with your employer since they will be the defendant in the lawsuit and anything that you say to them could be used as evidence against you or to contradict later statements. Before saying anything about your injury case, call a lawyer and get the legal advice you need to protect your claim.

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