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What Are the Long-Term Effects of Neck Surgery?

If you were recently injured in a car accident and need neck surgery, but are concerned about the possible long-term effects, namely the cost, reach out to our attorneys. You may be able to file a lawsuit to cover the cost of your surgery.

Though neck surgeries are risky because of the location, a successful surgery should have minimal long-term effects. Soreness and stiffness are common, but a full recovery is often possibly when surgery is followed by physical therapy. One long-term effect that shouldn’t be ignored is the financial impact a neck surgery can have. If you need neck surgery after a car accident but are uneasy about the possible cost, reach out to our attorneys. Our lawyers can help you file a compensation claim against a negligent driver to recover damages that can cover the cost of your neck surgery and more.

We’re here to help car accident victims who need expensive surgeries get the compensation they deserve. For a free case evaluation with the Baltimore car accident lawyers at Rice, Murtha & Psoras, call today at (410) 694-7291.

Common Long-Term Effects of Neck Surgery

Regardless of the specific type of neck surgery you are considering getting, there may be risks. In general, neck surgery is complicated, as the location and intricacy of the surgery might pose serious risks. The long-term effects of neck surgery might also be difficult to manage, especially if there are complications. That said, when a surgery is successful, there should be few long-term effects.

There are many various types of neck surgeries that treat different injuries or conditions. After a successful neck surgery, you may only need to stay in the hospital for a few days. Neck surgeries are often performed to alleviate chronic pain or discomfort, or issues caused by injuries from a car accident. So, while there may be some soreness or limitations to your movements in the days and weeks after neck surgery, recovery time is relatively quick, contrary to what many might believe.

During the healing process, people might experience some stiffness in the neck and shoulders, which a cervical collar can help relieve. Although complications from neck surgery can be severe, it is no more dangerous than other types of surgeries when experienced medical professionals perform it. Recovery time varies, depending on the surgery. But, with physical therapy and a strict recovery plan, people can feel good as new in a matter of months.

Perhaps the biggest long-term effect of neck surgery is the financial impact. Neck surgeries can be expensive. This can make people injured in car accidents unsure whether neck surgery is necessary. Don’t ignore your medical needs after an injury. Instead, call our Germantown car accident lawyers to learn how you can recover compensation after a car accident to cover the cost of neck surgery.

When is Neck Surgery Necessary?

Mobility and comfort in the neck and spine are crucial for anyone. If chronic pain or a serious car accident injury impacts your life, neck surgery may be necessary. While physical therapy might help in some cases, it may not be enough to help you recover after a neck injury.

Physical therapy alone may be insufficient, depending on the severity of a neck injury. For example, if cervical spinal fusion is necessary after a neck injury, physical therapy alone can’t fix the injury. Generally, physical therapy is a part of the recovery process after neck surgery to prevent any long-term stiffness or soreness.

Though neck surgery might seem like an intense procedure only necessary to address the most serious injuries, that is not always the case. In reality, neck surgeries are common to amend chronic pain and injuries after a car accident. Because many believe neck surgery is a last resort or a procedure reserved for more serious injuries, they might delay getting the medical treatment they need. In doing so, your injuries might worsen, causing you to need more extensive and expensive medical treatment in the future.

When in doubt, listen to your doctors. If they advise you to get neck surgery for an injury, listen to their advice and follow the treatment and recovery plans you are given. In many cases, neck surgery is necessary when your doctor says it is.

What to Do if You Need to Have Neck Surgery After an Accident?

If you were recently injured in a car accident and are concerned about the long-term effects of neck surgery, including the cost, reach out to our attorneys. Our Ocean City car accident lawyers can help you cover the cost of neck surgery by filing a lawsuit against a negligent driver.

Neck surgeries are expensive, and the financial burden shouldn’t be your responsibility if a negligent driver caused your injuries in a car accident. If your doctors advise you to get neck surgery after an accident and you are worried about the cost, our car accident lawyers can help.

If a negligent driver caused your injury that requires neck surgery, you might be able to file a car accident lawsuit. In a successful lawsuit against a negligent driver, victims can recover compensation for current and future medical expenses related to their injuries, including compensation for expensive neck surgery.

Suppose your injuries and recovery time from neck surgery prevent you from working. In that case, you may also be able to recover compensation for lost wages in a lawsuit against a negligent driver.

During the recovery process after neck surgery, people may experience emotional difficulties. If you cannot move or engage in the activities you once were, even for a short time, that can impact your mental well-being. Non-economic damages can compensate victims for emotional losses caused by neck injuries and subsequent surgery.

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