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When a truck driver acts negligently behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler, they have the potential to severely injure or possibly kill other motorists. While we expect truck drivers to always be alert and ready to respond to events on the road, the reality is that some truck drivers do not act responsibly. If you or a family member was injured in a terrible trucking accident in Aberdeen, Maryland, contact an experienced Aberdeen truck accident lawyer today.

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What to Do After a Truck Accident in Aberdeen, MD

Truck accidents are often catastrophic and can leave the scene of an accident strewn with debris. it is normal for a person to be completely flustered and anxious after a serious crash. However, it is important to take some steps that can help you pursue a personal injury claim in the future. the following is a truck accident guide that can help you remember essential steps to take after a crash.

Seek Medical Attention

Immediately after the accident, you should look for an area where you can safely stand away from the path of traffic. If your car still works, you should pull it over away from traffic as well.

Your next step should be to seek medical attention for any injuries you sustained. When seeking medical care, it is vital to inform your doctor that your injuries occurred in a trucking accident. This will help you document your injuries, which will help when seeking compensation from the trucking company.

Contact Law Enforcement

You should also take the time to contact law enforcement to investigate the accident. Depending on the terms of your insurance policy, your insurance company may require a police report for certain types of accidents. For example, if a drunk truck driver struck you, it would be wise to obtain a police report to help you prove your claim.

You should also be aware that the laws of Maryland require a car accident to be reported under certain circumstances. For example, if a victim was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash or there was a large amount of property damage, the State of Maryland requires the accident to be reported to law enforcement.

Exchange Information with the Truck Driver

It is vital that you exchange information with the truck driver that caused the crash. When requesting information from the truck driver, be sure to ask for the following:

  • The name and contact information of the truck driver
  • The license plate and make and model of the truck
  • The insurance company that insures the vehicle

It is also important to ask the truck driver the name of their employer. When a truck driver causes an accident while they are performing a task for their employer, there is a possibility that the employer could be held vicariously liable for the accident. While you could pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the driver, they may be unable to manage the various expenses you incurred due to the accident. As a result, seeking compensation from their employer may be the preferred option.

Gather Evidence of the Truck Accident

Ensure that you gather sufficient evidence that can help you prove that you were not at fault for the truck accident in Aberdeen. Maryland is an “at-fault” state for vehicle insurance liability. This means that the individual that caused the accident will be held liable for compensating the victim through their insurance plan. Collecting evidence that proves your claim will help you avoid any doubt that you were the victim.

The following evidence will help prove liability for the accident:

  • Photos of the injuries you sustained in the crash
  • Photos of the damage to your vehicle
  • Pictures of the scene of the accident (e.g., intersection where the accident happened)
  • Any weather changes that may have contributed to the accident
  • The circumstances of the accident (e.g., the truck had a tire blowout)

Additionally, if any witnesses were around and are willing to provide you with a statement, collect their names, and contact information.

Report the Accident to Your Insurance Carrier

You should report the accident to your insurance carrier as soon as possible. After reporting the accident, you will likely have to recount your story to the claim adjuster from the negligent driver’s insurance company. Remember, they only have an interest in avoiding liability for their employer, and they are not on your side.

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