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Motorcycles are chosen by many people as their primary method of transportation. They take up less space than cars, are more fuel-efficient, and are just plain fun to ride. Sadly, just like everyone else on the road, motorcyclists are injured in crashes when other drivers are careless, or other factors are at play. Motorcycle riders often receive very serious injuries in these accidents, requiring immediate medical attention that the rider will be burdened with paying for later on.

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Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Albany, GA

Some motorcycle accidents may look like normal vehicle crashes, but others can appear to be “single-vehicle” accidents where only the motorcyclist’s conduct is to blame. However, it is often the case that there are other underlying causes of single-vehicle motorcycle crashes. Our lawyers know this and will work hard to show the court the actual causes of your accident and dispel unfair assumptions about motorcycle riders. Some of the things that can cause motorcycle crashes include:

Defective Vehicles

Many single-vehicle accidents, as well as “traditional” crashes involving multiple vehicles, come about due to problems with one or more of the vehicles involved. When a product, like a car or a motorcycle, is likely to harm someone when it is used as intended, it is considered “defective.” Cars and motorcycles can be defective for lots of different reasons. The problem could be in the design of the vehicle, meaning that even one that is “correctly” built will be dangerous, or the issue may stem from a mistake made somewhere in the manufacturing process or during a repair. Figuring out exactly how and why a vehicle involved in your crash is defective is important to your case because it helps determine who you sue. If the problem is with the vehicle’s design, you sue the party that designed the vehicle, whereas if the issue was due to a shoddy repair, you would sue that party, not the designer.

Poor Road Conditions

Things like potholes, debris on the road, and defective guardrails can be hazardous for any vehicle, but the consequences of striking something like a pothole are likely to be much worse for someone riding a motorcycle than for someone in a sedan. For example, a motorcycle hitting a road hazard may flip over and seriously injure the rider.

When poor road conditions lead to accidents, you sue the party responsible for maintaining the roads. This is usually either a government entity or a contracted company charged with repairing or maintaining roads. For government entities, there may be different rules our lawyers need to follow, so you should bring up the government as a possible party in your case early on in discussions.

Other Driver Negligence

Something another driver did is often the cause of motorcycle crashes. Indeed, when another motorist hits a motorcycle head on, at an intersection, or while making a turn, motorcyclists can get very seriously hurt. However, another vehicle does not necessarily need to impact a motorcyclist to be responsible for an accident. For example, suppose another driver is moving their vehicle aggressively, and you fear that they are going to hit you. Accordingly, you devote a lot of focus to getting clear of your dangerous driving. If you then subsequently crash while trying to avoid this dangerous driver, they may be liable for your injuries.

Damages You Can Seek in Albany, GA Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

When you file your claim, you have to state how much you are seeking in damages as well as the basis for them. The whole point of going to court is to get justice and financial compensation, so this is a very important part of your claim. Some of the things you may seek damages for in a motorcycle accident lawsuit include:

Medical Bills

Medical expenses of all sorts are damages in pretty much every motorcycle accident case. Surgeries, medical tests, and other expenses can quickly add up to astronomical amounts, so you can seek damages for these things in your lawsuit.

Property Damage

If your motorcycle was damaged in the crash, you can get damages based on the cost of those repairs. Anyone who has ever had a problem with their car or bike knows that what looks like a small problem can easily turn into an expensive one, so the compensation you are awarded for a damaged or totaled bike should reflect that.

Pain and Suffering

You can also get damages for things that do not necessarily have bills attached. For example, if you experience chronic pain because of your injuries or have difficulty doing certain tasks, you can get damages for that pain, even though there is not necessarily going to be a receipt for “pain” with a dollar amount next to it.

Mental Anguish

Not all injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash will deal with physical pain. Indeed, many victims of accidents have mental scars that may last longer than actual physical injuries. For example, if you now experience anxiety when thinking about getting on a motorcycle or when you approach a similar location to where you were hurt, that can factor into your damages even though it is technically not a physical injury.

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