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It’s a tragic truth that car accidents affect the lives of thousands of Americans each year, including those who live in Alleghany County, Maryland. Whether you’re on the back roads of Cumberland or cruising along Interstate 68, a car accident can occur at any time, damaging your vehicle, hurting you or your passengers, and generally making life very difficult in the hours, days, and weeks that follow.

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What to Do After a Car Accident in Allegany County

A car accident is enough to shake up even the most level-headed Allegany County resident, especially if the damage is serious. That said, how you behave in the wake of your car crash can have a significant effect on your odds of success during a lawsuit. Below are the most important steps you should take right after a car accident in Allegany County.

Seek Medical Treatment

Even if it feels like you’re fine after your accident, you should make sure to get checked out by a medical professional as soon as you possibly can. Many of the injuries that often occur during car accidents may not become apparent for hours or days, but getting medical treatment right after the crash may be able to help with those injuries. In addition, failing to seek medical attention after your accident might make your lawsuit more difficult to win.

Write Down Personal Information

Once you’ve been checked out, the next priority should be to get the personal information of the other driver or drivers involved in the car accident. This should include their full name, address, phone number, license plate number, and insurance information. If there was anyone who witnessed your accident, try to talk to them and get their contact info as well; their statements may make a difference in your case.

Work with the Police

If Allegany County law enforcement officers show up at the scene of the car accident, make sure to answer all of their questions and cooperate however you can. These officers will speak to everyone involved, take statements, document the scene, and eventually compile a report on the accident. This report may help your case significantly; ask the officers at the scene where you can get a copy, then make sure to pick one up for your records.

Photograph the Scene

Even with police on the scene, things can sometimes be missed. Taking pictures of the scene of the car accident can help reinforce your story with concrete evidence in case it ever goes to court. Make sure you capture images of any damage to the vehicles involved, the conditions on the roadway, and any other environmental factors that may have contributed to – or resulted from – your car accident.

Determining Liability After an Allegany County Car Accident

Most people think about liability in a car accident as a fairly cut-and-cry thing, but the reality is often more complicated than that. A number of factors can cause or contribute to a car accident in Allegany County; identifying all of these factors is very important to establishing a claim against another driver or anyone else who may have been involved, especially since Maryland is one of four states that uses the “contributory negligence” rule when determining compensation in car accident liability claims.

The contributory negligence rule essentially means that if the plaintiff (meaning the person who filed the lawsuit) in a case was even the tiniest bit at fault, then they cannot receive any compensation from the other driver. For this reason, the plaintiff and their legal counsel must show that all fault lies with other parties.

Of course, the other driver or drivers involved in the accident may have some or all of the blame for what happened, but that’s not the only possibility. If your car accident occurred because an Allegany County roadway was in poor condition, then the local governmental body in charge of that area may be liable for your accident because they did not properly maintain the surface of the road.

Also, it is not uncommon for accidents to have been caused by a faulty part or system in a car. If you lost control of your vehicle (or if another driver lost control of their vehicle) because of a defective car part, the manufacturer of the part in question might be responsible for your accident. An experienced Allegany County car accident lawyer can help you determine who may be liable for your accident and help you hold that person or group accountable for your losses.

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