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Motorcyclists are all too aware of the dangers of riding, but they may not know what to do following a motorcycle accident. Accidents that occur outside of a home state may prove especially challenging since the victim could face a different insurance claim process and be unfamiliar with local laws impacting a potential lawsuit.

A solid strategy to reduce uncertainty and gain regional insight is to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer. An attorney can assist with the insurance claim process, provide legal options if an insurance company undercuts reimbursement, and file, argue, or settle any necessary lawsuits.

Managing the aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be confusing and overwhelming but hiring our Motorcycle accident lawyers can reduce your burden. Call Rice, Murtha & Psoras today at (410) 694-7291 for a free case review.

Dealing with Insurance Companies after an Anne Arundel County Motorcycle Accident

Hiring a Motorcycle accident lawyer can ease the frustrating and time-consuming insurance claim process. Initially, an attorney will investigate the accident and develop a solid understanding of what happened and who was at fault. This will be useful when building the case and ensuring all assertions are well-supported by evidence.

Once the process of filing a claim is underway, our attorneys will take over speaking with the insurance adjuster and address inquiries they have. Our attorneys will also prepare an appeal if the insurance company denies or reduces your claim, and we can negotiate with them directly to agree on a fair payout. This frees up your time and energy so recovering from the accident can be your priority.

Can You Sue if Insurance Denies Coverage After an Anne Arundel County Motorcycle Accident?

Maryland requires minimum levels of insurance coverage; however, the liability insurance minimum for an accident with a single person is only $30,000. That amount could be insufficient in any accident, but the risk is particularly acute in a motorcycle accident. Drivers and passengers in cars are protected by a seat belt and the exterior of the vehicle, which can reduce injury in accidents. Motorcyclists are at a greater risk of severe injury due to minimal body protection and the likelihood of being thrown off of the motorcycle.

If another driver was responsible for your accident, but their insurance carrier will not provide enough compensation to cover your costs, you should consider filing a lawsuit against the responsible party directly. Our motorcycle accident lawyers can explain your legal options.

Filing a Lawsuit for a Motorcycle Accident in Anne Arundel County

In cases where an insurance company has offered to pay an amount lower than your total expenses, or where they have denied your claim completely, a lawsuit can force the insurance company to revise their offer or and make you whole through litigation. Additionally, you could be compensated for losses that are not included in insurance coverage.

Our Motorcycle accident lawyers will look at two different categories of damages when determining the damages available to you:

Economic Damages

First, economic damages are the monetary costs resulting from the accident. Bills from a hospital stay, surgery costs, physical therapy costs, and the fees for mental health treatment all would fall into this category. Many of the costs demanded in an insurance claim would be classified as economic damages, therefore this type of damage alone could pick up where insurance reimbursement left off.

Lost wages and future lost wages are also included in economic damages. A motorcycle crash can cause injuries that prevent the victim from returning to work for months or even permanently prevent a victim from returning to their profession. Lost wage damages pay the victim for the wages they did not earn because of their injuries. Future lost wage damages pay the different between what the victim would have earned if the accident did not occur and what they can earn with the permanent injuries sustained.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are non-monetary harms like pain and suffering or mental anguish. Even if an insurance company includes some non-economic damages in a settlement offer, a lawsuit could offer compensation above and beyond what an insurance claim is willing to pay However, these damages are very difficult to quantify and prove in litigation.

Damages Caps

Additionally, there is a legal limit on the total non-economic damages that may be awarded. Even if an argument can be made for more compensation than the limit allows, you will not be able to recover the excess. Fortunately, this recovery maximum does not apply to economic damages. Consulting our Motorcycle accident lawyers is the best way to determine which damages and the associated amounts that are feasible for recovery.

Shared Fault in a Motorcycle Accident in Anne Arundel County

Accidents are frequently messy and complicated, which can make assigning fault difficult. Many times, all parties involved share some responsibility in an accident. Unfortunately, shared fault can have a significant impact on your chances of recovering damages in a lawsuit filed in Maryland.

Maryland law follows a pure contributory negligence system. This harsh rule completely denies recovery for a plaintiff who contributed at all to the negligence that caused their accident. This legal rule is rare, and only applies in a minority of states. If the defendant in a negligence suit can prove even 1% fault on your part, you will be prohibited from any recovery.

Fortunately, with our Motorcycle accident lawyers in your corner, not all hope is lost. Allegations of contribution can be successfully defended, and our attorneys have experience developing such arguments. Aggressive advocacy in litigation can provide the edge needed in a hotly contested lawsuit.

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