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Bus accident victims are often left with severe injuries and expenses they cannot afford. An attorney can help you sue the people responsible for the accident so you can cover your damages.

Numerous parties might be responsible for a bus crash, including the bus driver, bus company, or even a governmental entity. Talk to an attorney about whether the bus in your accident was operated by a private company or a public transit system in Athens, GA. You should speak to a lawyer soon, as injury lawsuits generally have to be filed within 2 years. Tighter deadlines might apply in cases against governmental entities. We need evidence of the defendant’s negligence to make sure you get the fair compensation you are entitled to. This might require photos, video footage, witnesses, and your medical records, among other pieces of evidence. An attorney can help you gather evidence and prepare the strongest case possible.

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People Who Might Be Responsible for Your Bus Accident in Athens, GA

A bus accident is no small incident. Buses are very big vehicles, and accidents can be quite severe. Numerous people on and off the bus might be injured, and we might need to wait until law enforcement completes an investigation before we can say for sure who should be held responsible.

Bus Driver

Negligent bus drivers are a common theme in bus accident cases. Even minor acts of negligence, like the bus driver taking their eyes off the road for just a minute, might lead to a highway disaster. If we can figure out what the bus driver did or failed to do that caused the accident, we can hold them responsible.

Some common examples of bus driver negligence include distracted driving, speeding, intoxication, and driving without adequate training. Our bus accident lawyers can help you sue the bus driver even if you were not a passenger on the bus during the crash. For example, we can help you sue them if you were in another car that was hit by the bus.

Bus Companies

We should consider including the bus driver’s employer in the lawsuit. If we can sue the driver, there is a good chance that their employer bears some degree of liability for the accident. Under the legal theory known as respondeat superior, we can sue an employer for injuries caused by a negligent employee if they acted within the normal scope of their job. This often includes common instances of negligence, like driving while distracted or committing ordinary traffic code violations.

The bus company might be a private transportation business, like Greyhound or Megabus. Alternatively, it might be a charter bus company or tour bus business. If you are unsure what kind of bus was involved, talk to your attorney.

Governmental Agencies or Entities

Many buses are not privately owned but are instead part of public transportation systems operated by governmental entities. Buses in the area of Athens, GA may be part of the Athens-Clarke County Transit system. This means that instead of suing a private company for the accident, you may sue the government.

Suing the government can be more complicated than suing a private person or business. The government often enjoys greater protection from legal liability, and there might be additional legal hurdles to overcome. Talk to a lawyer immediately if you believe a governmental entity or agency may be implicated in your case.

When You Should Begin a Bus Accident Case in Athens, GA

Bus accidents often leave people with severe injuries. You might need a lot of time to recover before you are back on your feet. While you should take all the time you need to heal, the time you have to file a legal claim may already be slipping away.

According to O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33, a plaintiff filing a personal injury claim, like for a bus accident, has 2 years to file their case, or they might lose their right to do so. It often takes months to prepare a lawsuit for filing. Depending on how long it takes you to recover and when you call a lawyer, you might have a very limited time to prepare everything. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible to maximize your time.

Your time to file your case might be different if you plan to sue a government entity. According to O.C.G.A. § 36-33-5(b), a plaintiff suing a local governmental entity, such as the agency or organization in charge of public transit, they must provide a notice of the claim within 6 months of the accident. This might mean serving an agency like Athens-Clarke County Transit (ACC Transit) with notice of your lawsuit as early as 6 months after the accident.

How to Prove Your Claims in an Athens, GA Bus Accident Case

Proving your claims requires evidence. The more evidence we have, the stronger your case will be, and the more likely you will receive fair financial compensation. Evidence can come from almost anywhere, depending on the specific details of your case.

We can start with security cameras. Many buses are equipped with cameras inside and even outside the vehicle. Footage from these cameras might show us exactly what happened before, during, and after the crash. We must move quickly to obtain this evidence because video footage can be easily deleted.

We should also identify witnesses who can testify about the accident in court. This might include passengers on the bus during the crash, other drivers who witnessed the collisions, or anyone with first-hand knowledge about something relevant to the case.

We might also need medical records to prove your injuries, especially if your injuries are severe. Not only can medical records really highlight just how badly you were hurt, but they also serve as documentation of your damages, including the expenses of your medical treatment.

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