Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Attorney for Injuries from Falls from Height

Workers at construction and industrial sites commonly suffer catastrophic injuries as a result of falling from significant heights. Skilled laborers and workers fall from scaffolding at construction sites, roofers and painters slip and fall off ladders, and window washers plummet from their cleaning rigs. If you fell from an elevated work site and sustained a devastating trauma such as a brain injury or spinal cord injury, you should be compensated.

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Getting Workers’ Compensation for Serious Injuries from Falling in Baltimore

Serious injuries often occur at Baltimore construction or industrial sites. Fatalities are not uncommon results of falling from a significant elevation. and if the fall is not fatal, the injuries sustained are often severe, requiring months of medical care or years of physical therapy. In many instances, the victim is permanently disabled. Additionally, an injury that disables a victim for a significant length of time limits or hinders their ability to earn a living.

When a Baltimore resident suffers an injury from a fall on any job, including industrial or construction sites, the first course of action is to file a workers’ compensation claim to cover lost income and medical expenses. Maryland, in 1902, was the first state to pass a comprehensive workers’ compensation law.

One advantage of filing a claim for workers’ compensation is that the injured party is not required to prove fault or negligence on the part of their employer or any other individual – the injury just had to occur in the course of employment. Our Baltimore workers’ comp. attorney can assist you in navigating the claim process, preparing and submitting your application, and, if necessary, filing an appeal if your original claim was denied.

While workers’ compensation provides benefits for injured individuals, there are also several drawbacks. Often the benefits provided are not sufficient to cover all the expenses that accompany a severely injured or disabled worker. Even though medical benefits are covered for a lifetime, compensation for lost wages is capped. Additionally, workers’ comp does not include noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering, while prohibiting any lawsuits against the employer. In some rare instances, if the injury was a direct result of an employer’s willful and deliberate negligent conduct, the prohibition against bringing a lawsuit might be overcome. it is essential to call our Baltimore attorney to evaluate your case.

Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers and Third-Party Lawsuits

The prohibition does not affect a personal injury lawsuit against third parties. Our experienced Baltimore fall from height workers’ compensation lawyers can pursue uncapped lost wages as well as noneconomic damages against other individuals or companies that contributed to your injury.

We will conduct a thorough investigation into your accident and its causes to determine if any third parties should be held labile for your injury. Specifically, we are trying to establish that other individuals or companies, other than your employer, engaged in negligent conduct that led to your accident.

Several parties could have contributed to the hazardous condition that caused your injury. If you have sustained a severe injury due to a fall from an elevated worksite, the following parties could potentially be held accountable for your damages:

Property Owners

Construction or industrial site owners have a duty to warn of workers and guests of any dangerous conditions. If there were known unsafe conditions that contributed to your injury, such as an unstable foundation, then the owner could be held liable.

Engineers and Architects

Designers, architects, and engineers have a duty to ensure that their design and building plans meet appropriate safety codes and engineering standards. Failure to do so could lead to unreasonably dangerous work environments. For example, miscalculating a wall’s capacity for bearing weight could lead to a collapse and significant injuries.

General Contractors

General and sub-contractors are required to provide a safe working environment. This includes warning workers and the general public of possible dangerous conditions at or around the site. Contractors are also obligated to comply with all safety regulations and provide appropriate safety equipment, including hard-hats, safety belts, and harnesses. If your injury was the result of the failure to provide safety equipment or provide proper training in the use of the equipment, the general contractor could be held liable for your damages.


All tools, scaffolding, ladders, and safety devices are manufactured and designed by a third-party company. If there are any inherent defects in the equipment, the manufacturer could be held liable through a products liability claim. For example, injuries could be a result of a poorly designed scaffold unable to bear a reasonable amount of weight or a defective tool that causes you to lose your balance. Our seasoned Baltimore attorneys will carefully examine any equipment that might have contributed to your injury to determine if there were any defects in either the design or the manufacturing process.

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