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If you have been injured by another driver, you will likely need to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. Our lawyers can help you get compensation for these losses and more by filing a lawsuit.

Most people know they can get damages for a car accident by filing a claim but might not know how complicated it can be. With our attorneys’ help, you will know you have the evidence you need to fight your case and that your losses will be calculated accurately. We also can help with more complex accidents. If you were injured by a rideshare driver or commercial trucker, we can help you file a claim against the driver and their employer. The more defendants involved in your claim, the better your chances of recovering the compensation you deserve.

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Why Car Accident Claims Are Filed in Brookhaven, GA

Car accidents in Brookhaven can vary widely in complexity and often involve multiple people. Our car accident lawyers have been handling these claims for years and can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Whether it is a complex case between multiple drivers or accidents involving rideshare drivers or truck drivers, we can help.

Our team knows what evidence is needed in each type of case and what strategies will be effective. We can handle most aspects of your claim so you can focus on your recovery. In most cases, you will only need to be physically present during the trial. The following are some of the types of car accident cases we commonly litigate in Brookhaven:

Multiple-Vehicle Accidents

Most car accidents involve at least two drivers. While these cases can be challenging enough, they become even more complicated when multiple drivers are involved. To get compensation for your injuries, you need to prove liability. If several drivers are implicated, each one could have acted negligently. Our team can investigate your crash and piece back together the complex event.

If you have been involved in a multi-vehicle accident or “chain” collision, try to get information from each driver. At the least, you will want to get their names, addresses, and insurance details. This information is usually enough to get a claim started. Also, speak to any witnesses who stopped to render aid. However, do not apologize for the accident or say anything that can be used against you later. Do not argue about fault at the scene. Our team will gather evidence to do that.

If you were too injured or did not have a chance to get this information, do not worry. These details, as well as details about the accident, will be included in the police crash report. Our team can help you obtain a copy of the police report and determine who to hold responsible for your injuries.

Truck Driver Accident

Accidents involving commercial truck drivers are also relatively complicated but common around Marietta. Complex issues of liability are raised when you are injured by a truck driver. In these cases, our team will usually look to the trucker for fault. The truck driver is supposed to have the training and experience to handle a large truck. They were in control of the vehicle when the accident happened, so it makes sense that they did something wrong.

When we investigate your accident, we will also likely file a claim against the trucking company for which the truck driver works. Under the rule of respondeat superior, most employers are legally liable for their employees’ on-duty conduct. If a trucker causes an accident while fulfilling their job requirements, the trucking company can be sued despite not acting negligently.

Many truck accidents are caused by truckers driving past the allotted times and being overly fatigued. Others are caused by truckers and trucking companies failing to perform the inspections they were required to make and failing to repair a defect. Our team knows what evidence is needed to prove these issues and can get it from the defendants in your case.

Uber and Lyft Accidents

Many people use rideshare drivers to get around. Many others get into accidents with Uber and Lyft drivers as their drivers have crowded the roads more and more. Lawsuits involving these companies have become common but can be extremely confusing. One challenge is determining who to get compensation from. Fortunately, our team can explore the options available to cover your damages.

First, we will assess the rideshare driver for liability, whether you were the passenger or the other driver. If they were on duty when the time occurred, you can usually file an insurance claim with Uber and Lyft for compensation. How much money will be available will depend on whether the rideshare driver is transporting a passenger or on their way to pick one up.

However, lawsuits are limited in these cases. The respondeat superior rule discussed above does not generally apply to rideshare cases because Uber and Lyft drivers are not typically employees. They are actually independent contractors. This means that we might be able to sue the driver, another driver, or even a passenger, but we will usually not be able to name the rideshare company as a defendant.

Amazon Delivery Accidents

Amazon delivery truck accidents have also become more frequent as the company’s shipping service has expanded across the area. However, the same problems mentioned in Uber and Lyft accidents often arise in Amazon truck lawsuits. For instance, Amazon drivers do not usually work directly for Amazon but are independent contractors. Thus, Amazon itself typically cannot be sued for damages.

However, the driver might work for a third-party shipping company. Amazon normally works with local and regional shipping businesses to complete its deliveries. While this shields Amazon from liability, it might be possible to sue a shipping partner. Shipping companies that employ Amazon drivers are responsible for their drivers’ negligent acts.

Manufacturing Defects

Some car accidents might occur without another driver involved or a clear example of negligence. In these cases, a manufacturing or design defect in the vehicle is likely to have caused the accident. If a car or some of its parts are poorly designed or negligently manufactured, it can lead to catastrophic accidents. Depending on where the defect occurred, we might need to sue the car’s designer, manufacturer, or both.

These lawsuits are some of the most complex in personal injury law. We often need to obtain evidence from the defendants showing how the car was designed and what materials were actually used to construct it. Our team can help you obtain this evidence.

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