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Countless Americans get injured in car accidents in Maryland and throughout the country each day. Victims of car crashes and other accidents often have serious injuries that require intense medical care. The cost of that medical care can easily add up, and victims may be paying for long-term treatment for the rest of their lives. This is to say nothing of the actual hardships they may have to experience because of these injuries. All of this can feel like too much to bear right after someone is injured in a car accident.

If you have been injured in a car crash around Calverton and need help, we are here to lend a hand. Our attorneys have represented many plaintiffs who were hurt in car accidents, and we are ready to help you out next. We have the professional skills and determination to see your case through to the finish line, no matter what.

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Why Do Car Accidents Happen in Calverton, MD?

There is no singular thing that causes all car accidents. One car accident will not happen for the exact same reason as another. For victims of car accidents, this may seem unimportant. After all, all that matters is that you got injured, right?

In law, you can only file a lawsuit and get damages from a defendant who actually caused your injuries. For that reason, you need to be sure of what caused your particular car accident so that you are taking the right parties to court. Our car accident lawyers can help you figure out the cause or causes of your particular car accident.

Driver Error

One of the most common causes of car accidents is driver error. In law, that is known as negligence. A diver is negligent when they do something careless that consequently hurts another person. Negligence on the road can happen in many different ways, which can be divided generally into two camps.

First, drivers can be negligent by breaking traffic laws. For example, speeding and drunk driving are against the law, so doing those things is negligent on the part of the driver. Second, drivers can be negligent by acting unreasonably. Individuals have a duty to act in a way that is not likely to cause harm to others. In law, this is called a “reasonable person standard.” Essentially, the defendant is negligent if they fail to act as a reasonable person would under the circumstances. For example, a reasonable driver would not turn up their radio to a distractingly loud volume. If a driver who is blasting loud music gets in an accident because they were distracted, they can be considered negligent even though playing loud music is not in and of itself against the law.

Keep in mind, though, that whether a driver is reasonable or not is a question for the jury, so it will vary from case to case whether the defendant who injured the plaintiff is considered reasonable or not.

Vehicle Issues

Many car accidents are also the result of problems with the car itself. These problems are known as “defects” and can be further broken down into design defects and manufacturing defects.

Design defects are problems with the design of a vehicle. They are “baked-in” issues that will be present even in a vehicle that is built exactly to specifications. Examples of design defects in a car would include a lack of a rollbar in a convertible or a dangerously unstable suspension system.

On the other hand, manufacturing defects arise from mistakes made somewhere in the vehicle’s construction. These could happen when the vehicle is being built or later down the line when it is repaired or worked on. Examples of manufacturing defects in cars include improperly installed airbags or incorrectly wired electrical components.

Poor Road Conditions

Some accidents are the result of roads being in bad shape. Things like potholes, broken guardrails, or uncleared debris can result in car crashes even if drivers do everything right. When accidents happen because of bad road conditions, you will likely want to sue the entity responsible for road maintenance. Often, this is a government body. There are special rules for bringing suits against the government, so you should talk to our car accident lawyers about your situation before proceeding down that route.

Damages in Calverton, MD Car Accident Cases

In addition to establishing the cause of your car accident when you file your claim, you also have to denote what you are asking for in damages and what you are basing that amount on. You can be awarded damages for your condition based on a number of factors, including:

Economic Factors

The cost of dealing with your injuries is a major factor in determining your damages. Things like medical bills and lost opportunity to earn income factor into what you can ask the court to award you in damages.

Non-Economic Factors

You can also get damages paid for more ephemeral things like physical pain or mental distress. Unlike medical treatment, there are no receipts or invoices that state the cost of “pain” or “mental anguish.” You will instead have to support your claim for this value by providing evidence of how severe your injuries were and what impacts they had on your life and well-being.

Punitive Damages

There is a final category of damages called punitive damages. These are awarded when the defendant has acted in a particularly egregious fashion. It can sometimes be tricky to get punitive damages, so discuss the prospect with our attorneys early on if you are planning on seeking them.

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