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Truck accidents are often life-altering experiences. The injuries large, heavy big-rigs are capable of are catastrophic. A truck rolling over can block part of the road or crush your vehicle, and impacts from a fishtailing or jackknifing tractor-trailer can result in serious damage to your car and your person. Sadly, the odds are stacked against the ordinary driver. The disparity between a commercial truck and an ordinary vehicle, even a large one, means that the other driver is much more likely to get hurt.

If you were injured in a truck accident, you need to take action. On top of recovering from injuries, you could be dealing with insurance claims, vehicle repair bills, or huge medical bills. Our truck accident lawyers can assist you through the entire legal process and do our best to get you the peace of mind you need after a truck accident.

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How Long Do You Have to File a Truck Accident Lawsuit in Catonsville, MD?

You should file your truck accident lawsuit as soon as you can. The statute of limitations puts a time limit on how long you have to sue and try to recover damages.

The statute of limitations in Maryland for personal injury lawsuits, which includes lawsuits for truck accidents, is three years per Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § 5-101. After that time, a court will not hear your case, and you will not be able to recover any damages in a lawsuit.

Some circumstances can cause the statute of limitations to “toll” or be put on hold. For example, if you are under 18 when in a truck accident, the timer does not start until the day before you turn 18th birthday.

If you are suing for medical malpractice from a procedure you underwent due to a truck accident, then you still have three years from when you knew about the negligent injury. If you did not discover the injury until later, then you have three years from the date of discovery, out to a maximum of five years from the date of the procedure.

Things to be Prepared for in a Truck Accident Lawsuit in Catonsville, MD

You are going to be an integral part of your truck accident lawsuit. Even if you do not testify in court before a jury, there are processes you are going to need to participate in to have a good chance of recovering damages. It is better to be prepared for the lawsuit process than not. Below is your guide to some of the things you might have to do in a truck accident lawsuit.


Depositions are when both lawyers get to question people who are relevant to a case before a trial. On television, depositions are depicted as tense and dramatic, with the people trying to deceive each other and potentially lots of buildup to a shouting match between the parties. However, in reality, depositions are quite different.

Both your lawyer and opposing counsel will be present during a deposition. A professional recorder will also be present who will transcribe the entire deposition on the record. A deposition record can and will be used against you in court if your testimony contradicts what you say in a deposition.

First, the opposing lawyer will ask you questions, which you should try and answer to the best of your ability. If your lawyer feels that any of the questions are unfair or against the rules, they can object, and the other lawyer will either move on or rephrase the question so that it is fair. After the opposing lawyer is done questioning, your lawyer will ask you some questions based on what the opposing lawyer did. Both parties can ask you questions back and forth until they believe the deposition has run its course.

Depositions can easily take hours and might seem daunting if you don’t know what to be prepared for, but knowing what to expect can help improve the strength of your case in a truck accident lawsuit.

Potential Settlement Offers

At some point before trial, the other party might offer to settle the case. A settlement is when both sides come to an agreement before trial. The case then “goes away,” and no one is found liable for any wrongdoing. Often, a settlement in a truck accident lawsuit will take the form of an offer to pay for medical expenses or other things from the truck company.

Remember, your goal is to “win” the case. In this instance, a win is defined as getting everything you need to get your life back in order after an accident. A settlement might be the best way to do that. Discuss your options carefully with our lawyers before deciding one way or the other, but no matter what we recommend, the ultimate decision of whether to sue or settle lies with you.


If your case does go to trial, you will likely play a critical role in it. If you choose to testify, your lawyer and opposing counsel will ask you questions similar to those you were asked in the deposition. Be prepared to be examined by your lawyer and cross-examined by opposing counsel in front of a jury.

Even if you choose not to testify, you will still need to be present in the courtroom. An absent plaintiff does not look as sympathetic to a jury and will be less likely to recover damages.

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