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Buses provide accessible transportation to people who cannot or choose not to drive on their own. Unfortunately, bus accidents can be severe.

Bus accidents are rarely minor incidents, and many people are often injured. Many common causes of ordinary car accidents are also causes of bus accidents, like distracted driving or traffic violations. Other causes of accidents are unique to buses, such as their very large blind spots. After a bus accident, you can sue the bus driver or other drivers on the road who contributed to the crash. If the bus was part of a private bus company, you might also sue the company. If the bus was public transportation, you might be able to sue the Maryland Traffic Administration (MTA). You will need strong evidence to support your claims for damages, including economic and non-economic damages.

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Possible Causes of Bus Accidents in Cheverly, MD

There are numerous potential causes of bus accidents, and how your accident happened helps our Cheverly, MD bus accident lawyers determine who should be held liable. Some causes are a bit more typical across various kinds of accidents, while others are unique to buses.

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of accidents on the road today. With the way cell phones affect our daily lives, screens behind the wheel are a significant factor in many crashes, including bus accidents. Perhaps the bus driver was busy checking their phone while driving, or another driver was distracted and crashed into the bus.

Traffic violations are another very common cause of bus accidents. Buses are very large, heavy vehicles. A serious accident could occur if the driver does not follow the traffic code. Buses must be extra careful regarding speed, signaling, turning, and changing lanes. Neglecting the rules of the road could cause a severe accident.

While all drivers must use signals when changing lanes or making turns, it is especially important for bus drivers because buses have very large blind spots. Buses have significant blind spots on all sides, and bus drivers cannot see what is shortly in front of or behind them. They also cannot see much of the traffic on either side of the bus. If a bus driver fails to signal, numerous other cars caught in the blind spots might get hurt. Reckless lane changes or turns (buses have larger blind spots)

Remember, you do not necessarily have to be a passenger on the bus during an accident to sue the bus driver or bus company. You could be another driver on the road struck by a bus or even a pedestrian.

Who to Sue After a Bus Accident in Cheverly, MD

After a bus accident, you might have several options when deciding whom to sue for damages. Depending on how the accident happened, there might be multiple parties who should be held liable. Sometimes, parties who were not actually present at the accident can be held liable. Our Cheverly, MD bus accident attorneys can help you get your case started and determine who should be held liable.

If the bus accident involved a privately owned and operated bus line (e.g., a charter bus, Greyhound, MegaBus), you can sue the driver and the bus company that hired them. The bus driver might be liable for the accident because they operated the bus and directly caused the crash. The bus company might be vicariously liable under a legal theory of respondeat superior, which holds that employers may be vicariously liable for employees’ negligence. It is important to consider the bus company when filing a lawsuit like this because it is likely more capable of paying your damages.

If the bus was a part of public transportation, your lawsuit must abide by all the typical rules of standard personal injury lawsuits, plus a few additional rules because you are suing a government entity. Of course, you can name the bus driver who caused the accident, but you might also be able to sue the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA).

When suing a government entity like the MTA, you must submit a notice of claim under Md. Code, Transportation, § 7-702(d). According to this rule, you must submit a written notice of your claims to the appropriate government authority within 1 year of the accident. This is a much shorter deadline than the typical 3-year statute of limitations imposed under Md. Code, Cts. and Jud. Pro., § 5-101. There are also caps on damages against the government.

Evidence You Might Need in a Cheverly, MD Bus Accident

The evidence you need in a lawsuit for a bus accident can often be found at the crash scene. Since accident sites are often cleaned up rather quickly by law enforcement, it is important to document the scene as thoroughly as possible immediately after the crash. If possible, take photos and record videos of the scene to preserve important details that might be lost later. If you are too badly injured to document the scene, wait where you are and focus on getting help.

Many accidents are recorded on nearby security cameras or traffic cameras. Our Cheverly, MD bus accident lawyers can help you find any cameras in the area of the accident and see if any footage of the crash exists. Some buses have cameras inside and outside the bus that might also be extremely helpful to your case.

Bus accidents often involve multiple people. Not only are multiple drivers often involved, but there might be many passengers on the bus. These people may have first-hand knowledge of the crash and can testify in court as witnesses.

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