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As the victim of a pedestrian accident in Cockeysville, you have the right to sue the responsible party for compensatory damages.

Pedestrian accident injuries vary, so victims might need different medical treatment directly following accidents. For example, some victims might need extensive testing to diagnose brain injuries, while others might need immediate surgery to address internal injuries. Our lawyers can use your medical records and other evidence like surveillance footage and eyewitness statements when preparing your case. Pedestrian victims can get compensation for various damages when they file lawsuits. Before agreeing to a settlement, our lawyers will make sure it covers your losses, both financial and emotional.

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Necessary Medical Treatment for Pedestrian Accident Injuries in Cockeysville

When motor vehicles hit pedestrians in Cockeysville, victims could sustain immediate serious injuries that require expensive and emergency medical treatment.

The medical treatment you need will depend on your specific injuries. Because pedestrians are not protected during accidents like vehicle occupants are, they might sustain severe injuries even during low-speed accidents.

You should go straight to the hospital from the accident scene for medical care. When you call 911 to alert law enforcement, they may send emergency medical services to take you to the hospital. Accept care at the scene.

When you arrive at the emergency room, you might need diagnostic testing, like MRIs or CT scans for head injuries. Some victims might need immediate surgery for internal injuries or broken bones.

After you leave the hospital, continue your medical treatment. Victims with spinal cord injuries might need lengthy and extensive physical therapy to recover. Others dealing with pain might need to take prescription medications for weeks or months as they heal.

Continuing your medical treatment is paramount, especially if you file a pedestrian accident lawsuit in Cockeysville. If you do not have a complete medical record detailing your injuries, proving that you have injuries that require compensation could be challenging. If emergency room doctors refer you to certain specialists for additional treatment, take their advice and prioritize your physical health.

Preparing Your Pedestrian Accident Compensation Claim in Cockeysville

Preparation for pedestrian accident claims can begin immediately after incidents occur in Cockeysville. Victims can assist on this front by intentionally preserving evidence from the scene.

Photographing the Scene

For example, victims can and should take pictures of their injuries. If a negligent driver hits you with their car, photograph the vehicle’s final location. You can also take videos of an accident scene, encompassing your injuries, debris on the road, the negligent driver, and eyewitnesses. If you notice anyone else photographing the scene, ask for their contact information so our lawyers get obtain those images from them, as they might be useful to your case.

Getting Accident Reports

By calling 911, victims can also get accident reports. Officers from the Baltimore County Police Department will document the crash and any pertinent information. Our pedestrian accident lawyers can help you get the report after the incident. We will then review it to ensure its accuracy and see if it contains new information that could help as we prepare your compensation claim.

Documenting Your Injuries

As mentioned, getting medical treatment is paramount. When preparing your lawsuit, our lawyers will need access to your medical records and copies of your medical bills. This will help us calculate your deserved recovery in a pedestrian accident lawsuit.

Gathering Additional Evidence

During this stage, we will also look for additional evidence. For example, by referencing the police report, we can obtain eyewitnesses’ names and phone numbers. We can then interview them to get their statements. In addition to eyewitness statements, we might obtain surveillance footage or other photographic evidence to prove the defendant’s negligence.

Since Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § 5-101 sets the statute of limitations for pedestrian accident claims at three years in Cockeysville, victims should start preparing their cases right away so they do not miss the deadline to sue.

Compensation for Victims of Pedestrian Accident in Cockeysville

Victims hurt as pedestrians can recover considerable compensation against negligent defendants in Cockeysville. Before filing your case, you should know its exact value. Otherwise, you might accept an unfair settlement offer from a defendant.

Economic and non-economic damages are recoverable in pedestrian accident lawsuits. Economic damages include medical costs and lost wages, as well as other out-of-pocket expenses. Non-economic damages are more subjective and compensate victims for pain and suffering. Unlike economic damages, non-economic damages are capped in Maryland. Under Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § 11-108(b)(2), the most victims can recover for emotional distress is $935,000, though this amount increases annually.

While you can get compensation by settling a case out of court, do not rush into doing so. Victims should only accept settlement agreements after carefully reviewing them with our lawyers. Seemingly large lump sum offers might only cover some of your damages, especially if you need extended medical care for your injuries. Before starting settlement negotiations, we will tally your financial and emotional damages to know how much your claim is worth.

If settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, victims can go to court and recover compensation by proving a defendant’s negligence to a jury. This is why preparing a strong case from the get-go is crucial, as there is no guarantee that the defendant will agree to settle at a fair amount. During a trial, our lawyers can use evidence gathered immediately following your pedestrian accident to show that the defendant owed you a duty of care and breached it, directly causing your injuries and subsequent damages in Cockeysville.

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