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Riding your motorcycle can be a thrilling and freeing experience, but it is not without risks. Many motorcycle accidents happen because of negligent drivers in other vehicles. After a crash, contact a lawyer to sue the other driver for damages.

First, we need to determine how your accident happened. A lot of motorcycle crashes occur because of other drivers who ignore motorcycles, speed, or fail to check blind spots. Injuries are often serious and include things like broken bones, road rash, and even catastrophic injuries like spinal cord damage. Gathering evidence to support your legal claims might begin at the accident scene. We can use photos from the scene, witness testimony, and more to prove your claims. Report to the police immediately if the other driver fled the scene. The police may investigate the accident, find the other driver, and bring them to justice.

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Understanding How Your Motorcycle Accident Happened in Columbia, SC

It might be hard to say who is responsible for a motorcycle accident without an investigation and a review of the evidence. The police might be investigating your accident right now, and we must wait before we get any results. Even so, we should consider some common causes of motorcycle crashes in the meantime.

Many accidents happen because drivers in other vehicles ignore motorcycle riders. This is a rather common phenomenon. Drivers in cars do not see motorcycles the same way they see other cars. Motorcycles are smaller and tend to be overlooked. Even when motorcycles are in plain sight, drivers seem to miss them and might crash into them.

Speeding is another huge problem. Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable in accidents because they are not shielded inside an enclosed vehicle. If another driver is speeding when they crash into a motorcycle, the rider is likely to be thrown from the bike onto the hard pavement or even dragged along the road.

Blind spots pose a serious risk for motorcycle riders, at least they do when drivers do not check them. Since motorcycles are smaller, they are easily hidden within a car’s blind spot. If drivers do not check their mirrors or over their shoulders before turning or changing lanes, they might hit a motorcycle rider.

Possible Injuries and Damages in Columbia, SC Motorcycle Accident Cases

Injuries associated with motorcycle accidents tend to be pretty serious. Even injuries that are expected to recover fully might be incredibly painful to endure. Talk to your attorney about the extent of your injuries so they can help you assess your damages.

Some rather common motorcycle accident injuries include broken bones, lacerations, bruising, and road rash. Road rash may occur if a motorcycle rider is dragged or skids along the pavement. These injuries are sometimes labeled as minor because they usually make a full recovery. However, they can still be extremely painful and require costly medical care.

Some injuries are far more serious and might come with life-altering complications. Spinal cord injuries might leave you permanently paralyzed. Some people might lose their ability ever to walk again. Others might be paralyzed from the neck down. Traumatic brain injuries are also possible and often leave victims with long-term or permanent cognitive impairments.

Damages vary based on the severity of injuries and other losses. Chief among a plaintiff’s damages are usually medical bills, property damage, lost income, and other costs incurred due to the motorcycle crash. It is important to keep thorough records of all your costs. Our motorcycle accident attorneys might need these records later to prove your damages in court.

You can and should also claim damages related to subjective yet painful experiences from the accident. Bodily pain, emotional suffering, trauma, and the loss of enjoyment of your life are major damages, even though they technically do not cost money. The jury usually decides how much these damages are worth. The more significantly they change your life, the more compensation you might receive.

How to Gather Evidence After a Motorcycle Accident in Columbia, SC

Gathering evidence is rarely a simple task. Evidence might come from almost anywhere. As such, it is common for plaintiffs and their lawyers to search far and wide for useful evidence to support their claims.

At the accident scene, you should try to exchange information with people who saw the accident or stopped to help. These people might have seen the accident and can testify about what they know. A first-hand account from an unbiased witness might sway the jury in your favor.

Take photos if you can. People often take photos after accidents to send to insurance companies. These photos may also be used as evidence in a civil lawsuit. You might be surprised by the important details contained in your photos.

If the defendant doubts your injuries, we can use your medical records to prove how badly you were injured. This is also a great reason why you should get medical attention quickly. We need your medical records to be as accurate and reliable as possible.

What to Do if We Cannot Locate the Driver Who Caused Your Motorcycle Accident in Columbia, SC

It is not unheard of for negligent drivers to keep driving after they hit someone. Some drivers claim they did not realize they hit someone. Others say they panicked and just ran. Either way, fleeing the scene of a motorcycle crash may be a hit-and-run. In such a case, the police may investigate and even assess criminal charges against the other driver. This might present a few complications for your civil lawsuit.

Under S.C. Code Ann. § 56-5-1210(A), drivers involved in accidents resulting in injury or death must remain at the scene until the police arrive. If the other driver fled the scene, report it to the police immediately. They may investigate and hopefully track down the negligent driver.

The driver may be criminally charged for the hit-and-run. Depending on the extent of your injuries, the other driver may be charged with a misdemeanor or felony.

If the other driver is criminally charged, your civil case might be put on hold until criminal proceedings are complete. This might mean waiting longer for compensation. It might also put you at an advantage in the courtroom. If the other driver is found guilty in criminal court, we can use their conviction as evidence. Similarly, we might be able to use evidence uncovered by the police in their investigation of the accident.

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