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Millions of car accidents happen every day across the United States. These accidents are impossible to predict and frequently result in serious injuries to victims. Worse still, those victims could end up fronting gigantic medical expenses, and that is to say nothing of the dramatic mental toll that a scary experience like a car crash can have on a person.

Fortunately, our lawyers can help. We have represented innumerable plaintiffs injured in motor vehicle collisions, and we can put that legal experience to use when assisting you with your claim. Time is of the essence, so getting into contact with legal counsel sooner rather than later is critical to your case.

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What Causes Motor Vehicle Collisions in Damascus, MD?

Car crashes happen because of all kinds of reasons. Because of the multitude of factors that can affect a vehicle on the road, no two collisions will be exactly the same.

The law dictates that you can only hold liable and ultimately collect damages from defendants who actually caused your injuries. Therefore, it is very important to determine the exact causes of your particular accident so that our car accident lawyers file against the right parties so you can get the payout you need.

Driver Negligence

Many crashes result from a mistake the driver of a car makes. When a driver – or anyone else for that matter – makes a mistake that injures someone else, they are considered “negligent.” There are countless ways that a driver can be negligent. First, breaking traffic laws and rules is negligent. So, if a car driver crashes because they were drunk, speeding, or otherwise violated a traffic law, they can be held responsible for the injuries they cause. Second, drivers can be negligent by operating their vehicles in an unsafe way. So, if a driver is not paying attention or driving aggressively but not to the level that it breaks the law, they can still be found negligent in a court of law.

Vehicle Problems

Another reason that car accidents happen is because of issues with the vehicles involved. These “defects” generally arise at either the design stage or at some point during the manufacturing process.

Design defects are “baked into” the vehicle from the start. That is to say, even a car built exactly to specifications will have a dangerous problem. An example of a car design defect would be the infamous Ford Pinto gas tanks that were extremely prone to igniting their contents upon impact.

Manufacturing defects, conversely, come about because of mistakes made somewhere along the line. These defects could include the use of sub-par materials in the car’s construction or incorrect wiring or installation of components.

When you file a case alleging that an accident happened because of a defect, you should be particular about what party you file against. For example, if the facts of your claim suggest that a defective tire caused your accident, you should sue the tire company, not necessarily the company that makes the car.

Road Conditions

Another reason for car crashes is substandard road conditions. Things like debris, potholes, and defective guardians can result in accidents, even when both drivers are acting how they are supposed to.

The task of maintaining Maryland’s roads falls on state and local government entities, and there are special considerations for suing government bodies. For that reason, it is best to talk with our lawyers early on in the legal process if you are planning on filing your claim against a government body.

Damages in Damascus, MD Car Accident Lawsuits

When you file your case, you state therein the amount you are asking for in damages as well as the things you are basing those damages on. The primary objective of damages in a personal injury case is to “roll back the clock” on the plaintiff’s situation. Of course, it is impossible to reverse many of the physical effects of serious injuries, but it is possible to financially compensate victims for their hardship. Because damages have the goal of making you “whole” again, you have to base them on your particular circumstances.

Generally, the first thing plaintiffs will look to get compensation for is medical bills and other associated expenses. The cost of emergency care, as well as long-term treatment such as pain medication or physical therapy, can be incredibly expensive, even with the help of insurance coverage. Accordingly, you can obtain damages from the defendant to cover those costs.

Another item plaintiffs can get damages for is lost wages and opportunity to earn income. If, say, you have to focus on recovering instead of earning money at a job, you can get compensated for that time when you could have been earning income were you not injured. You can also get compensated for lost wages if you have to take a job that pays less or can no longer work altogether due to your injuries.

Additionally, you are able to ask for damages for things that may not have a financial value that is immediately obvious. Many plaintiffs ask for damages for “pain and suffering” brought on by the defendant’s actions. It is relatively easy to put a price on medical treatment. It is more challenging to place value on how much, say, a broken bone hurts or the mental toll of dealing with the aftermath of a car crash. For that reason, you and our lawyers will have to determine the value of such things and convince the court of that value.

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