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Riding a motorcycle offers an exhilarating sense of freedom as you navigate the open road, feeling the wind rush past you and experiencing the thrill of the ride. Many riders enjoy the unique connection with the environment and an adrenaline rush that comes with maneuvering such a machine. Unfortunately, a high number of riders are involved in catastrophic accidents caused by negligent drivers.

For instance, many crashes occur because motorists commit improper turns, perform illegal lane changes, and tailgate unsuspecting riders. Thankfully, our legal team has experience handling motorcycle accident cases and can hold careless drivers responsible for the injuries they cause. We will work diligently to protect our clients’ interests and secure the monetary damages they are owed.

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What if You Share Fault for Your Motorcycle Accident in Edgewood, MD?

There are situations where riders may share some of the blame for their collisions. For example, a speeding motorcyclist may be partially at fault for a crash with a driver who committed a dangerous lane change.

Unfortunately, Maryland abides by the doctrine of “contributory negligence.” This means that accident victims in Maryland will be unable to sue other parties if they are found to have played even the slightest roles in causing their collisions. For example, if you are only 1% responsible for your motorcycle crash and another driver is 99% to blame, you will still be restricted from filing a lawsuit against them for the injuries you suffered.

Guidance from our motorcycle accident lawyers can be very important when pursuing your case. It is likely that the defendant will attempt to shift blame in order to avoid paying for the damages you sustained. Our legal professionals can help gather evidence, build your claim, and defeat any alternative arguments of fault.

Motorcycle Helmet Law in Maryland

In Maryland, the motorcycle helmet law mandates that all riders and passengers must wear helmets while operating or riding on a motorcycle. This law applies to individuals of all ages, regardless of whether they are operating or riding as a passenger on the motorcycle. Failure to comply with the helmet law can result in fines and penalties.

Furthermore, failing to wear a helmet can be considered a form of contributory negligence in Maryland motorcycle accident cases. This means that if you were not wearing a helmet at the time of your harmful crash, then you may be prevented from suing another party for your injuries.

Accordingly, it is essential that you always wear a helmet when riding your motorcycle.

Establishing Fault for a Motorcycle Crash in Edgewood, MD

There is a wide array of evidence that may be utilized to establish fault for your motorcycle collision. For instance, our team will determine if any of the following may be helpful to your case:

Expert Witness Testimony

Expert witnesses, such as accident reconstruction specialists or medical professionals, provide specialized knowledge and analysis regarding the circumstances of the crash. Their testimony can offer insights into factors like vehicle dynamics, road conditions, or the extent of injuries sustained. This expert opinion can help clarify complex aspects of the case and strengthen the argument for determining fault.

Photos from the Scene

Photographic evidence from the scene of the accident can provide visual documentation of important details. High-quality photos can capture the positioning of vehicles, road markings, traffic signals, and any visible damage. These images serve as a powerful tool for illustrating the conditions at the time of the crash and supporting the legal case.

Physical Evidence

Physical evidence, such as skid marks, debris, or damage to vehicles, can offer tangible proof of what occurred during the accident. This type of evidence is often collected and analyzed by investigators to reconstruct the events leading up to the crash. Physical evidence can corroborate witness testimony and provide additional clarity in determining fault.

Surveillance Recordings

Surveillance recordings from nearby cameras or traffic monitoring systems can provide objective documentation of the accident. These recordings may capture the sequence of events leading up to the crash and offer a perspective from different angles. Surveillance footage can be invaluable in corroborating eyewitness accounts and providing concrete evidence of fault.

Victims’ Personal Recollections

The personal recollections of the victims involved in the crash are also important pieces of evidence. Their firsthand accounts can offer insights into their experiences leading up to the accident, including any actions they took to avoid the collision. While personal recollections may be subjective, they provide valuable perspectives that contribute to the overall understanding of the incident.

Common Areas Where Motorcycle Accidents Happen in Arnold, MD

There are many different locations where harmful motorcycle accidents can happen in Arnold. Still, there are specific areas where such accidents occur more regularly than others.

Urban Areas

Urban areas are common locations for motorcycle accidents because of the higher volume of traffic and complex road infrastructure. In these settings, factors such as congestion, lane splitting, and distracted driving increase the risk of accidents involving motorcycles. Intersections, where vehicles frequently converge from multiple directions, are particularly prone to collisions between motorcycles and other vehicles.

Rural Roads

Rural roads present their own set of challenges for motorcyclists, including winding roads, limited visibility, and wildlife crossings. Additionally, rural areas often lack proper signage, lighting, and road maintenance, increasing the likelihood of accidents. High speeds on open rural roads can also contribute to more severe crashes if a motorcycle loses control or encounters hazards like potholes or gravel.

Freeways and Highways

Freeways and highways are prime locations for motorcycle accidents because of the higher speeds involved and the close proximity of vehicles traveling at those speeds. Factors such as sudden lane changes, merging traffic, and driver distraction pose significant risks to motorcyclists navigating these busy thoroughfares. Additionally, accidents on freeways and highways can result in catastrophic injuries or fatalities because of the velocity of the vehicles involved.

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