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Each year, an unfortunate number of unsuspecting pedestrians are struck by careless drivers who ignore traffic signals and fail to yield the right-of-way. These collisions can be highly traumatic for victims. In many cases, painful and debilitating injuries are incurred.

You may bring a claim against the at-fault driver if you were hurt because of a pedestrian accident in Fairland. However, it is likely that their insurance company will a hire a team of people to try and discredit your case. Support from our attorneys can be very beneficial when building your lawsuit and fighting for the payment you deserve.

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Considering Settlement Offers in Fairland Pedestrian Accident Cases

After filing a pedestrian accident lawsuit, you will likely be presented with a settlement offer from the defendant and their insurer. If you accept their offer and enter into a settlement agreement, then you will be awarded a specific sum of damages in exchange for the dismissal of your claim. There are possible advantages to settling early. For instance, by reaching a settlement agreement, you may save on some of the costs associated with a lengthy trial like witness fees and administrative expenses. Moreover, you may obtain financial compensation sooner.

Still, there is a good chance that the first settlement offer you receive will not reflect the true value of your case. Our pedestrian accident attorneys can offer crucial support when negotiating for an acceptable offer. We will handle all communications with other parties on your behalf.

However, if an acceptable offer is not presented, then you may have to go to trial to recover the damages you are rightfully owed. At trial, our team will work diligently to present a compelling case and ensure that your rights are protected.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Fairland, MD

Unfortunately, a great number of pedestrian accidents happen as the result of drivers’ negligence. For instance, the following are all common sources of these accidents in Fairland:

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a significant factor in pedestrian accidents because alcohol impairs a driver’s ability to react quickly and make sound judgments. When drivers operate vehicles under the influence, they are more likely to swerve onto sidewalks or fail to yield to pedestrians crossing the road, leading to tragic consequences. As a pedestrian accident lawyer, we understand the devastating impact that such negligence can have on innocent individuals and their families.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving, often caused by activities such as texting, talking on the phone, or adjusting navigation systems, poses a serious risk to pedestrians. Drivers who are not fully focused on the road are less likely to notice pedestrians crossing or walking alongside the street. Because of this, even a momentary distraction can result in a life-altering collision. Our firm is committed to holding distracted drivers accountable for their actions and seeking justice for those injured as a result.


Excessive speeding significantly increases the likelihood of pedestrian accidents because it reduces the driver’s ability to stop suddenly when necessary. When drivers exceed the posted speed limit, they have less time to react to pedestrians in their path, making it more difficult to avoid collisions. We recognize the importance of holding speeding drivers accountable for the harm they cause to pedestrians and are dedicated to fighting for fair compensation for victims and their families.

Ignoring Traffic Signals

Pedestrian accidents often occur when drivers ignore traffic signals, such as red lights or stop signs. Failing to obey these signals puts pedestrians at risk because they may assume it is safe to cross the street when, in fact, it is not. Drivers who disregard traffic signals endanger the lives of those around them and can be held liable for the injuries they cause. Our experienced pedestrian accident lawyers are prepared to advocate for victims and pursue justice against negligent drivers who ignore traffic laws.

Failing to Yield the Right-of-Way

Pedestrians have the right-of-way in designated crosswalks, but unfortunately, many accidents occur because drivers fail to yield as required by law. Whether at intersections or mid-block crosswalks, drivers must yield to pedestrians to ensure their safety. When drivers fail to do so, they put pedestrians at risk of serious injury or death. Our firm is dedicated to holding negligent drivers accountable for failing to yield the right-of-way and seeking maximum compensation for victims and their families.

Failing to Adjust for Weather Conditions

Weather conditions, such as rain, snow, or fog, can create hazardous conditions for pedestrians and drivers alike. Failing to adjust driving behavior to account for these conditions can increase the risk of accidents. Drivers who fail to slow down or exercise caution in adverse weather put pedestrians at unnecessary risk. Our pedestrian accident lawyers are experienced in handling cases involving weather-related accidents and are prepared to fight for the rights of injured pedestrians.

Tired Driving

Fatigued driving can impair a driver’s judgment and reaction time, similar to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. When drivers are tired, they may have difficulty focusing on the road and may even fall asleep behind the wheel, putting pedestrians at significant risk. Our firm understands the serious consequences of tired driving and is dedicated to holding fatigued drivers accountable for the harm they cause. We advocate for injured pedestrians and their families to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve for their injuries and losses.

Will Apologizing After a Pedestrian Accident Hurt Your Case in Fairland, MD?

Apologizing after a pedestrian accident can potentially harm your legal position and jeopardize your ability to recover compensation for your injuries. In many cases, an apology can be interpreted as an admission of fault or liability, even if it was simply an expression of sympathy or concern.

It is important to refrain from apologizing and instead focus on ensuring the safety and well-being of those involved in the accident.

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