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A fender bender can happen anywhere, an intersection, parking lot, or even in stop and go traffic. it occurs suddenly and has happened to most of us. In 2013 fender benders, where one person got rear-ended, totaled 1.8 million. That was approximately 32 percent of the total number of reported crashes that year. So, don’t feel alone if you have been involved in a fender bender and don’t know what step to take next. If you have questions about your injuries and damages caused by the accident, call a Baltimore personal injury attorney.

Fender Bender Lawyers in MDIs it Worth the Hassle?

After an accident, you have so many things to deal with, from the insurance companies to mechanics. the last thing you want is another responsibility on your plate, so you may think that a fender bender is not worth the lawsuit. Many fender-benders result in a crumpled bumper with very little damage to the car. But, if you have been injured by the accident, you deserve to be compensated for your suffering. Just because there was little damage to your vehicle, that does not mean that there wasn’t enough force to injure you.

If you or a loved one has been in pain after a fender bender and has seen a doctor, you may have a personal injury case. Come into Rice, Murtha & Psoras for a free consultation to discuss your situation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So, yes, it is worth the hassle.

Fender Benders v. Major Accidents

A fender bender is viewed as a minor accident. There is no definition separating what constitutes a minor accident and what constitutes a major accident. Though, there are some characteristics that can distinguish the two. Fender benders are normally characterized by low speeds and little damage to the vehicles. Meanwhile, major accidents normally occur at much higher speeds and the vehicles occur much more damages.

Just because one accident is more serious in terms of damages than the other, that doesn’t mean injuries can’t be sustained in both. Many people think that just because your car wasn’t damaged, you can’t have gotten any injuries. However, that is just not true.

Injuries Resulting in Fender Benders

When you are involved in a fender bender you can get injured, just like any other type of accident. the injuries may vary depending on how you were hit and how fast the cars were going.

One of the most common types of injuries is whiplash. Whiplash is an injury to the neck and is characterized by a number of symptoms such as neck pain, headaches, and shoulder pain. the symptoms of whiplash can last a year or longer depending on the severity of the injury. Whiplash occurs when the neck and head are suddenly forced backward, then forward, putting stress on the spine. Whiplash is most common when collided with from behind causing your vehicle to jolt forward. the recovery time varies, but most people completely recover within a few months of their accident. However, some people may suffer pain for years to come.

Other injuries that can occur from fender benders is lacerations, bruises, bone fractures, and even torn ligaments. All of these injuries will range in the amount of time that it takes for them to heal and the amount of pain or discomfort that they cause you. Any of the hospitalization costs and medical expenses that you incur from these injuries may be recoverable in a personal injury lawsuit.

You may even suffer more severe injuries than the ones listed above. The type of injuries and the extent of the injury varies depending on many factors such as age, pre-existing conditions, and the amount of impact your car absorbed. Cars are made from steel and other metals; the human body is not. So, a few scratches on a car may equal a lifetime of pain for you. If you have been injured, get immediate help, then call a Baltimore personal injury attorney.

Contacting Your Insurance Company

Even though fender benders can cause little damage to your car, it can become costly to fix the damage you do have. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that when bumpers don’t line up the damage can be more costly than an average bumper to bumper collision. the study concluded that damages can cost between $2,000 and $4,000 when the cars are moving under 6 miles per hour.

When facing that amount of damages it is important to contact your insurance company. When dealing with reporting a fender bender it is important to contact the police in order to have a report filed and on record. You should also contact your insurance company as soon as possible. the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to get an accurate report of what occurred and what damages were incurred. Once you file a report with your insurance company they will tell you what your deductible will be and direct you to a repair facility to get an estimate.

Even though it is important to keep in contact with your insurance company, you should also consult an attorney. Your insurance company will not want to pay you the full amount that you deserve. Oftentimes, they will claim that your injuries are not severe due to the lack of damages and low speeds that the accident occurred under. You should never accept any payments or make any statements until you have spoken to a Baltimore personal injury attorney.

Contact a Baltimore Fender Bender Attorney

If you have been injured don’t be afraid to fight for what you deserve, no matter how minor the accident may have been. A Baltimore personal injury attorney is here to fight for you and get you compensation for your injuries. We will discuss the options that you have open to you and the best possible route for you to take in order to get the justice you deserve. Come into Rice, Murtha & Psoras today for a free consultation.