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Do Inconsistencies in My Statements Hurt My Maryland Injury Case?

If you leave out some details when making a statement in relation to an accident, only to include them at a later date, your compensation claim might be jeopardized in Maryland.

There are several instances when victims might be asked to give some sort of statement about an accident. For example, when you are at the accident scene, you might be asked about the incident by police officers. While it is important to be honest with law enforcement, you might not be in the right state of mind to go over what happened immediately after the accident takes place. If you are seriously injured, go to the hospital and speak with law enforcement after the fact. To ensure there are no inconsistencies between statements given to the police or insurance companies, our lawyers will review the facts of the accident with you so that you are prepared to recount the incident and the other party’s negligence during the course of your claim.

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Can Inconsistencies in Your Statements Hurt Your Maryland Injury Case?

Changing up your story regarding your injury case might hurt your chances of recovery in Maryland. This could be the case, even if only slight inconsistencies exist between your statements.

Insurance companies and negligent parties are always looking for ways to lower their liability for a victim’s injuries and damages. Because of this, minor changes to your story might harm your recovery. For example, if, at the accident scene, you said that the negligent driver was making a left turn when they struck you, only for you to amend your statement to say that they were making a right turn instead, your statement might be scrutinized.

Furthermore, if you remember certain details after having given a statement regarding the accident, they might not be taken as seriously if they cannot be supported by evidence. For example, suppose you remembered that you saw the driver using their phone at the time of the accident. If evidence does not exist showing the driver using their phone, such as eyewitness statements or surveillance footage, the change to your statement might not hold much weight.

Generally speaking, as long as victims are honest when speaking about an accident, whether it is a car crash or a slip and fall, they should not worry about inconsistencies in their statements coming back to haunt them. That said, to be careful, you should not give statements before speaking with our lawyers about your accident in Maryland.

How to Avoid Having Inconsistencies in Statements Related to Your Maryland Injury Case

Avoiding any inconsistencies between statements made in relation to your injury claim is important. Our lawyers can help you navigate conversations with law enforcement, insurance companies, and negligent parties so that you do not unintentionally misspeak and undermine your case.

Be Honest with Law Enforcement

While law enforcement is not always called to accident locations, police officers may be alerted in certain situations, such as after auto accidents. If police officers arrive, be honest with them about what happened. If you cannot think clearly because you are seriously injured or in shock from the accident, get medical attention and give the police only the necessary information, like your name and other details. You can then speak with law enforcement officers after you leave the hospital so that they can complete an accident report. If, after getting this report, you notice any inaccuracies, tell our lawyers so that we can inform law enforcement and get the report amended.

Review the Facts

Following an accident that causes you injury, go over the facts with our attorneys. Our Baltimore personal injury lawyers can establish the sequence of events of the accident based on evidence like surveillance footage, eyewitness statements, photographs, incident reports, and your own recollections. After piecing together exactly what happened, we can ensure that any further conversations you have with the opposing side or any additional statements you make are only based on fact. It is always best for victims to confer with our lawyers before giving any official statements about an accident to a negligent party or their insurance company.

Avoid Unnecessary Conversations

Compensation claims are often the most vulnerable in the moments after an accident in Maryland. During this time, do not have any unnecessary conversations with the negligent party. Do not apologize for the incident or admit fault in any way. If you do, you might say something that contradicts claims made in your future lawsuit. Allow our lawyers to oversee any additional conversations with the opposing side so that we can avoid any unnecessary issues with your case.

Inconsistencies in Statements and Maryland’s Contributory Negligence Laws

Maryland is a pure contributory negligence state, meaning any inconsistencies in your statement that call into question your involvement in an accident might leave you without a path to recovery.

The fact that Maryland follows a pure contributory fault standard means that victims found to be even somewhat liable for their injuries cannot sue another party for compensation. Because of this, defendants might look for any reason to argue contributory negligence, such as inconsistencies in a victim’s statement.

In other states, a victim’s compensation might just be reduced if they share fault for their damages. In Maryland, however, victims will be barred from recovery entirely. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance that victims have a clear and thorough understanding of the facts of their accidents before filing a claim. We can anticipate possible assertions of contributory negligence and thwart them using evidence compiled during the investigation phase of your case to show you are not partially liable for your damages.

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