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Motor vehicle accidents impact millions of Americans every day. The unfortunate reality is that these accidents frequently leave victims seriously injured and facing hefty medical bills. Moreover, victims of motor vehicle accidents may end up dealing with chronic pain or other maladies for a long time. Some victims may never make a full recovery from their injuries.

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What Causes Car Collisions in Glassmanor, MD?

Car collisions are caused by a lot of different things. No two accidents will happen for exactly the same reasons. Determining what, and more importantly, who caused your car accident, is a critical component of your case. The law only lets you hold those parties who actually wronged you accountable, so it is important to determine the cause of your accident when working towards filing your claim.


Speeding is a very common cause of motor vehicle accidents. Every road has a speed limit at which it is safe to drive. Ignoring it is against the law in every state because it is dangerous to do so. A driver who is moving fast has less time to react to a surprise situation and can cause an accident as a result.

Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence is incredibly dangerous. Accordingly, it is criminalized in every state. An inebriated person cannot usually react as quickly as someone who is sober. Moreover, intoxicated people are more likely to make aggressive or reckless decisions. Finally, people often vastly misjudge how much they are being affected by alcohol or drugs. All of those factors combine to make getting behind the wheel while drunk or high a terrible idea. If you were injured by a drunk driver, you can hold them liable in a civil trial in addition to any criminal proceedings.

Driver Inexperience

Many car accidents are also the result of inexperienced drivers. It is a fact of life that people generally get better at something the more they do it. Accordingly, individuals who have not operated a car for a longer period of time – or only do so sporadically – may make mistakes and cause an accident. A teenager who just got their license will have less driving experience than someone in their 30s who has been driving for a while. That inexperience could result in a car accident.

Aggressive Driving

Being a safe driver requires some level of measure and restraint. A driver can be negligent by constantly switching lanes, tailgating, or generally not being courteous to their other drivers. You can hold aggressive drivers accountable in court if they injure you.

Car Problems

Not all car accidents happen because of the driver. Instead, they happen because of an underlying car problem. In legal terms, these issues are called “defects,” and they can come up in either the design or manufacturing process of the vehicle. If you are alleging that your car accident was caused by a car defect, you sue the relevant party responsible for the design, manufacture, or maintenance of the vehicle.

Road Conditions

If a roadway is in poor condition, car accidents can happen. Things like defective guardrails, potholes, and debris on the road can lead to car accidents.

Often, government entities are responsible for clearing roads and keeping them safe. There are some special requirements for suing government entities, so you need to discuss your situation with our car accident attorneys as soon as possible if you are planning on pursuing that course of action.

Damages From Glassmanor, MD Car Accident Cases

When you sue someone after a car accident, you ask for a certain amount of financial compensation as damages in your lawsuit. This represents the wrongs the defendant has done to you and what is needed to “make you whole” again. Damages are often categorized and are frequently broken down into economic, non-economic, and punitive damages.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are based on things that can have their monetary value quickly displayed. In this category will be medical expenses like surgery, hospital stays, and the cost of long-term care.

Also categorized under economic damages is any lost income from when you were injured. For example, if you had to take time away from your job in order to recover from your injuries and were not earning money during that time, you can be awarded damages stemming from that lost income. Additionally, if you had to switch jobs to one that pays less due to your injuries, you can get financial compensation based on the income difference. Finally, if your injuries are such that you are not able to work anymore, you can get damages based on your projected income for the hypothetical span of your career.

Non-Economic Damages

By contrast, non-economic damages are based on more intangible things. The flagship item in this category is “pain and suffering.” There is not a price tag or invoice for how much a broken bone or bruise hurts. Accordingly, you and our attorneys must calculate their worth and convince the court of it.

Punitive Damages

The kinds of damages discussed thus far are broadly known as “compensatory damages,” as they are meant to compensate you for your condition. Punitive damages, on the other hand, are based on what the defendant did. They are only awarded when a defendant has acted especially badly, so you need to bring up the prospect of seeking them early on in discussions with our car accident attorneys.

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