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Commercial Trucks are large, heavy vehicles that carry substantial cargo over great distances. Sadly, the size and weight of trucks give them the capability to cause tremendous damage when they are involved in motor vehicle accidents. Medical expenses for injuries from a truck accident could easily reach millions of dollars. Fortunately, legal options are available to you if you were in a truck accident.

Make sure you file your truck accident lawsuit as soon as possible. The statute of limitations puts a timer on how long you can wait before you can no longer sue for your injuries. Driver negligence, improper truck maintenance, or defective design could all be factors that lead to a truck accident. A truck accident lawyer can help you through the process of bringing a lawsuit to get the financial compensation you need.

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When to File a Truck Accident Lawsuit in Hyattsville, MD

Our truck accident lawyers will help you file your lawsuit as soon as possible. It is important to file quickly because a law called the statute of limitations dictates how much time you have to sue someone. If you file after time is up, your lawsuit will be dismissed, and you will recover no damages.

In Maryland, the statute of limitations for civil actions is two years. This timer starts immediately when your truck accident happens. This timeframe applies to negligence lawsuits and wrongful death lawsuits, both of which are common types of lawsuits following a truck accident.

There are very few circumstances that could lead to a “toll” or pause on the statute of limitations. A common one is being under the age of 18 when an accident happens. If you were a minor when your truck accident happened, the statutory period will not start until the day before you turn 18.

Contributing Factors to Truck Accidents in Hyattsville, MD

Many factors can have a hand in causing a truck accident. Three of the most common are mistakes on the truck driver’s part, improper loading of the truck, and the truck itself being defective.

Driver Error

If the truck driver committed an error that led to your truck accident, you might have a negligence action against them. Negligence in this context would mean that the truck driver did not act like a normal, responsible truck driver would while driving. Examples of negligence behind the wheel for all motorists include running red lights and speeding.

Truck drivers have other things they must do while driving to be careful. For example, a truck driver must avoid turning too sharply so that the truck doesn’t tip over and cause serious damage to anyone nearby. A truck driver could be acting negligently if they don’t drive their truck with the care required to be safe.

Improper Loading

Many people interact with trucks before they set out on a route. Some of those people are responsible for loading the cargo into the trailer. Improperly loaded cargo could imbalance the truck and cause what would otherwise be a safe maneuver on the road to end in catastrophic results. If the truck involved in your accident was improperly loaded, you may have a claim against the driver or whoever loaded the truck.


Problems with the truck can also lead to truck accidents. A defective truck will not generate a claim against the driver but against the party responsible for the defect. Defects fall into two categories: design defects and manufacturing defects.

Design defects are issues that come from bad design. A design defect is something inherently wrong with the construction of the truck. Another way to put this would be to say that even if the truck works as intended, a problem with the design would still cause it to be dangerous. If, for example, a truck is designed with brakes that are not powerful enough to stop on time, the truck will be considered defective, even if those brakes work as they were supposed to.

Manufacturing defects come from errors that occur during the manufacturing process. The problem is not that the design is bad but that something went wrong along the line, causing the truck not to work properly. An example of a manufacturing defect would be the front lights not working due to faulty electrical wiring.

If the truck in your accident had a design or manufacturing defect, you might have a claim against those manufacturers.

What to Do After a Truck Accident in Hyattsville, MD

Truck accidents cause many things to happen very quickly. Medical first responders and law enforcement personnel will rapidly rush to the accident site. If you are in a truck accident and are not so seriously injured that you are incapacitated, it is a good idea to have a plan of action. Taking certain actions can help build your case for any future truck accident lawsuit you bring.

Stay at the Accident Scene

Unless you are told to go with medical personnel, stay at the site of the truck accident. Not only will you be able to get better assistance from medical personnel, but you will also be able to collect information about the accident.

Document the Crash

Document the accident and surrounding circumstances as best you can. Record videos on a phone or other device. Interview witnesses. Get the name of the truck driver as well as their insurance information and employer.

Additionally, make sure to file a police report. A police report can serve as your recollection of the accident while it is still fresh in your mind. While it might not make it into evidence, a police report could be used to help strengthen your argument in a lawsuit.

Seek Medical Attention

Get medical treatment, even if you do not think you need any. The surge of adrenaline from being in a truck accident can hide the presence of some injuries. Other injuries might not present themselves until much later after the accident.

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