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Buses go through Johns Creek and other cities every day. Most of the time, there will not be a problem. However, every so often, buses do crash, and sadly, people get very badly injured in bus crashes. When people suddenly have to undergo surgery, complete physical therapy, and adjust to life-changing injuries, it can be a real burden, both financially and mentally.

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Injuries from Bus Crashes in Johns Creek, GA

Bus accidents can lead to very serious injuries. Buses are larger and heavier than many other vehicles on the road, which increases the chances that victims will get badly hurt. Worse still, buses often have many passengers, which increases the chances that multiple people will get hurt.

Your injuries will form an important part of your claim. You and our lawyers will need to establish that you were actually injured, among other things, to have a chance at winning in court, so getting all the details about your specific injuries is actually very important to the success of your claim.

Broken Bones

Broken bones occur in motor vehicle accidents of all kinds, including bus crashes. When you break an arm, leg, pelvis, or other body part, you are very likely going to have to wear an immobilization device of some sort while you recover. Additionally, you will also likely have to undergo physical therapy to regain strength in a limb that has atrophied from lack of use, and you may also have to make dietary changes during that time.


Hard impacts are likely to cause bruising, which results from blood vessels getting crushed under the skin. While lots of bruises are not a big deal and will simply result in discomfort and discoloration of the affected area, a large bruise that will not go away, especially around the chest or head, is potentially a sign of something much more dangerous and needs immediate medical care.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are caused by hard hits to the head that damage the brain. Even less serious TBIs, like concussions, have bad side effects like memory loss and mood swings. Worse TBIs may lead to significantly reduced cognitive function, paralysis, or even death due to complications.

Cuts and Puncture Wounds

Cuts and puncture wounds are probably not the first things people think about in bus accidents, but they can and do happen. Bits of broken glass and warped metal are going to fly everywhere in a crash, so it is more likely than you may think that someone is going to get cut up or “stabbed.”

Cuts, while scary looking, can be treated with stitches, but those may leave nasty scars that may be permanent. Puncture wounds are actually much more dangerous, as they are harder to stop from bleeding and are more likely to hit a vital artery, vein, or organ.


It may seem grisly, but amputation is a real possibility in a serious bus accident. This may happen in one of two ways. First, medical professionals may determine that amputating a limb creates the best chance of survival for a bus accident victim, be that because the infection is likely or the limb is too damaged to save. The other is a “traumatic amputation,” which happens during the accident itself. The latter is extremely dangerous and often fatal if not immediately addressed.

What Compensation Can I Get from Bus Accidents in Johns Creek, GA?

If you are successful in court, the jury will award you damages. The goal of a personal injury case is to put the plaintiff back into a similar position to how they were before the accident happened. However, that is often literally impossible because of the time that has passed and the nature of the plaintiff’s injuries. Accordingly, damages are nearly always financial compensation.

Compensatory Damages

The first type of damage you can seek deals with those things that you lost or deal with because of the accident. For example, if you had expensive medical bills you needed to pay, you could seek damages based on the cost of those medical treatments, procedures, and other things. You can also get damages for lost potential to work and earn money. For example, if you have to take a job that pays less because of your injuries, you can get financial compensation based on the difference in pay between your original job and the job you had to take because of your injuries.

You can also get compensatory damages for things that are a little more esoteric. For example, many plaintiffs will seek damages for pain and suffering, which encompasses both the physical pain they felt – and continue to feel – because of the injuries the defendant caused as well as the emotional and mental toll of the accident on the plaintiff.

Punitive Damages

In addition to seeking damages designed to make you whole again, you can also seek punitive damages if the defendants have acted in an egregious fashion. However, to seek these damages, you will have to prove more than mere negligence, so you should discuss whether pursuing them is the right move in your claim with our lawyers.

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