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When auto accidents take place, victims can recover the damages they deserve by suing negligent drivers for compensation.

In Lake Shore, car accidents are caused by various acts of negligence, including speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving, and more. Other accidents might happen because of flooding, bad weather, or poor road conditions. If you were hurt in an accident in Lake Shore, you should start building evidence against the negligent driver immediately. Our lawyers can help you do can do this by encouraging you to go to the hospital, take pictures of the accident, and speak with eyewitnesses. We can also obtain other evidence, like surveillance footage, that proves the driver’s fault.

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Top Causes of Car Accidents in Lake Shore

Lake Shore is a relatively small area with few major roads or highways. That said, there are other aspects of the town that makes it more dangerous for auto accidents, like how frequently it floods.

While there are not many big highways or throughways in Lake Shore, there are a few, including Paul T. Pitcher Memorial Highway and Route 100. Just outside of Lake Shore is Jacobsville, which is home to several larger roads and intersections that present an increased risk of auto accidents.

There are several waterways in and around Lake Shore, such as Swan Cove, Ross Cove, Long Cove, Park Creek, Dobbins Pond, and the larger Magothy River, that might flood, especially in severe weather, causing poor road conditions that lead to auto accidents. Colder temperatures could case standing water on roads to ice over, making them more dangerous for drivers.

Because Lake Shore is a rural area, back roads are more common there than they might be in more urban locations. Potholes, cracks in the road, or unpaved sections of the road might cause motor vehicle accidents.

Apart from the unique characteristics of Lake Shore that present the risk of more specific types of accidents, other causes of crashes still occur. For example, car accidents in the area might be caused by speeding, running stoplights, drunk driving, distracted driving, and reckless driving, among other reasons. Regardless of the exact cause of your recent accident, you can likely sue for injury in the event that you were harmed because of someone else’s negligence.

Evidence Needed for Your Car Accident Claim in Lake Shore

Certain evidence is needed in auto accident claims so that victims can effectively prove that the defendant in their case caused their injuries in Lake Shore. Evidence commonly used in these types of lawsuits includes medical records, witness statements, photos, surveillance footage, and more.

Medical Records

When victims sue for injury, it is important that they can prove that they were, in fact, injured. To do this, you will need ample medical records, which you can begin building in the immediate aftermath of your accident in Lake Shore. Even when accidents appear minor, victims should go to the emergency room. That way, doctors can fully assess you and identify certain injuries that might be lurking under the surface, like whiplash or internal injuries. It will be necessary for you to get ongoing treatment so that your injuries are thoroughly documented. Follow the advice of doctors when it comes to getting certain surgeries or other treatment so that there are no unnecessary hindrances to your physical recovery.

Witness Statements

Testimony from witnesses can be crucial evidence in a compensation claim for a motor vehicle accident in Lake Shore. Eyewitnesses may be able to explain the exact sequence of events that caused your accident. For example, if the negligent driver ran a stoplight, striking you in an intersection, an eyewitness may be able to testify to that fact. To make obtaining eyewitness statements easier, victims can talk to eyewitnesses following a crash. Our car accident lawyers can then use the information you gathered at the accident scene to contact eyewitnesses and get their statements. If you cannot talk to eyewitnesses at the accident location, we can refer to the police report for the crash to get the necessary information.

In addition to eyewitness statements, expert witness statements can be useful to your claim in Lake Shore. For example, an accident reconstruction expert could piece together a crash to explain the likely events that caused it. Or, a medical expert could testify to the severity of your injuries, helping you to recover compensation for your damages. Expert testimony can add credence to a case, increasing the chances of a victim’s recovery.


Victims can take meaningful photos at the accident location before leaving for the hospital. You can photograph your apparent injuries and any visible property damage to your vehicle. You can also take pictures of the whole accident scene so you do not miss anything that might be vital to your case down the line. Taking pictures immediately after an accident allows you to create a record of evidence that might otherwise be lost or cleared away by law enforcement.

Surveillance Footage

Surveillance footage can show, play by play, exactly how an accident happened in Lake Shore. Obtaining this footage as soon as possible is important so that owners do not unknowingly delete it. Our attorneys can get in touch with local business owners or homeowners who might have security cameras on their properties and review any available footage. When paired with additional evidence, such as your medical records, photographs, and witness statements, surveillance footage can help you to prove that it is more likely than not that the defendant’s negligence caused your car accident and subsequent injuries.

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