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Amazon has completely changed the way we order and deliver packages and parcels. the company has made ordering almost anything online incredibly easy, and delivery is often lightning quick. Millions of people order things from Amazon all the time, and Amazon delivery trucks are common sights on the roads across the country. Unfortunately, Amazon delivery trucks are sometimes involved in accidents, and other drivers are injured.

Your legal options after an accident with an Amazon delivery truck might be a little confusing. While suing the delivery driver is usually an option, suing Amazon itself is sometimes off-limits. This has a lot to do with how Amazon hires delivery drivers, with many drivers being contracted from other driving companies. In any case, insurance will likely play a large role in how your injuries and damages are covered.

Amazon delivery trucks tend to be larger than typical cars and place other drivers at serious risk during accidents. If you were hurt in an accident with an Amazon delivery truck, you deserve compensation. Call our Louisiana Amazon delivery truck accident lawyers about what to do next. Call the offices of Rice, Murtha & Psoras at (225) 269-8930 for a free initial case evaluation.

Legal Options After an Accident with an Amazon Delivery Truck in Louisiana

After any car accident, injured drivers tend to have two general options. They can either file an insurance claim or file a lawsuit. Keep in mind that the unique factors surrounding your case may make one option more viable than the other. You might also have other options not mentioned here if more unusual details are present. Talk to our Louisiana Amazon delivery truck accident attorneys about reviewing your case and discussing possible legal options.

Your first legal option is to file an insurance claim after the accident. Louisiana is an at-fault or fault-based state when it comes to insurance. This means that after an accident, you must file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company. You must also prove to the insurance company that the other driver is at fault before you receive any compensation. Communicating with an insurance company can be tricky, and you could be denied compensation for simple slip-ups like accidentally admitting you looked at your phone before the accident. Our Louisiana Amazon delivery truck accident attorneys can help you talk to the insurance company and hopefully get the most compensation possible.

Your second option is to file a personal injury lawsuit related to the accident. This is not usually the first-choice option for most injured drivers.

Lawsuits can be very long, complex, expensive, and exhausting. Many plaintiffs file lawsuits only after an insurance company has denied them compensation. If you have exhausted all other options or simply want to know more about filing a lawsuit, talk to our Louisiana Amazon delivery truck accident lawyers.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Louisiana After an Amazon Delivery Truck Accident

Filing a personal injury lawsuit may be your best option if you have tried negotiating with insurance companies to no avail or were offered settlements that do not fully cover your damages. Lawsuits may also provide you with damages that are sometimes unavailable through insurance, such as damages for pain and suffering or punitive damages.

Most lawsuits related to car accidents are based on negligence. Under a theory of negligence, a plaintiff must prove that the defendant owed a legal duty of care, breached their legal duty, caused the accident through this breach, and that the plaintiff suffered real injuries and damages. Negligence cases are some of the most common personal injury lawsuits, although intentional torts are also possible.

You will need to present evidence supporting your claims if you want your lawsuit to be successful. Evidentiary rules and procedures are extremely rigid in Louisiana courts. Even minor mistakes or deviations from the rules could render important evidence inadmissible. An attorney can help you collect evidence and present it at your trial.

You will also be put through numerous pre-trial hearings and proceedings before you even get to your trial. Opportunities for discovery, pre-trial motions, settlement negotiations, and pre-trial conferences are just some of the hurdles you must overcome before getting to the trial itself. the trial can be long and complex, but the payoff can be worth the effort and headache if successful. Talk to our Louisiana Amazon delivery truck accident lawyers about your trial today.

Can I Sue Amazon After an Accident with an Amazon Delivery Truck in Louisiana?

When an employee causes an accident or injury through their own negligence while on the job, their employer can be held liable. Several legal doctrines and laws make employers responsible for the actions of their employees. Unfortunately, this is not so in many cases involving Amazon delivery drivers. Legally speaking, many of Amazon’s delivery drivers are not considered “employees.” Instead, most Amazon drivers are gig workers or independent contractors. Independent contractors are not “employees” under the law, and the people who hire contractors are not employers that can be held liable.

Many delivery drivers who drive for Amazon do not even work for Amazon. Instead, they work for local delivery companies that Amazon contracts to deliver Amazon packages. As such, Amazon is often beyond reach in a lawsuit for an accident involving a delivery driver. However, you should speak with our Louisiana Amazon delivery truck accident attorneys about suing the driver and possibly the local delivery company they work for.

Although most Amazon delivery drivers are gig workers rather than employees, they might still be covered by insurance provided by Amazon. Some drivers work for local delivery companies, but others are part of Amazon’s Flex Program. Under this program, people can use their personal vehicles to make deliveries. Flex drivers have the option of being insured through Amazon, which may present you with additional coverage options.

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