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Bicycle accident injuries are often catastrophic, causing serious emotional and financial challenges for victims. If you were recently injured in a bike accident in Louisiana, our lawyers can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

After a bicycle accident in Louisiana, victims should immediately call the police and go to the hospital. Then, consult our attorneys. Our Louisiana lawyers can help victims understand their options for recovery and file a compensation claim within the state’s one-year statute of limitations. Our experienced attorneys can use medical records, eyewitness testimony, photographs, and other evidence to prove a negligent party’s fault in your bicycle accident lawsuit. When successful, victims can recover the economic and non-economic damages they need to heal after a bicycle accident in Louisiana.

Our team is dedicated to helping bicycle accident victims throughout Louisiana hold negligent parties accountable. For a free case evaluation with the Louisiana bicycle accident attorneys at Rice, Murtha & Psoras, call today at (225) 269-8930.

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident in Louisiana

Immediately after a bicycle accident in Louisiana, there are several things victims should do right away. Calling the police and seeking medical attention is crucial. Next, hire an attorney. Our experienced Louisiana bicycle accident lawyers can assess your case and determine whether or not another person’s negligence caused your injuries.

Call the Police

Informing the police of a bicycle accident is crucial. While some victims might think it is only necessary to involve police officers in car accidents, that is not the case. Bicycle accidents can be very dangerous, resulting in expensive damages to victims in Louisiana. By calling the police, bike accident victims create crucial documentation of their injuries and an at-fault party’s negligence.

Go to the Hospital

Bicycle accident victims often sustain serious injuries in a crash. In order to recover compensation for your damages in the future, it is necessary to document your injuries immediately after an incident. Be sure to visit the hospital right away, even if you appear uninjured. Getting assessed by medical professionals after a bike accident is very important in Louisiana.

Hire Our Attorneys

After a bicycle accident, victims may be unsure what to do next. The path to physical and financial recovery can be challenging, especially when victims do not have a skilled attorney by their side. Call our lawyers if you are unsure whether or not you have reason to file a bike accident lawsuit in Louisiana. Our experienced Louisiana bicycle accident attorneys can investigate your case and identify negligence on another party’s behalf. Then, our team can help you file a lawsuit to recover the compensation you deserve.

Statute of Limitations for Louisiana Bicycle Accident Claims

Bicycle accidents are often severe, resulting in expensive injuries and other financial losses for victims. In order to ease the financial strain bicycle accidents may have on victims and their families and to successfully file within the statute of limitations, bike accident victims should file a lawsuit as soon as possible in Louisiana.

The statute of limitations for victims to bring a bike accident claim in Louisiana is just one year. That is a very short period for victims to hire a lawyer, build a case, and file a lawsuit. To ensure you file before the deadline and do not miss your opportunity to sue, speak with our Louisiana bicycle accident attorneys immediately after a crash. Our team can help you bring a claim as soon as possible and within Louisiana’s statute of limitations.

Even just one year without receiving compensation for medical bills and other expenses can be overwhelming for bicycle accident victims. Suing quickly is important, not just for your financial comfort, but to more easily connect your injuries to a defendant’s negligence. The longer you wait, the more challenging it can be to recover compensation, even if you file before the deadline in Louisiana.

Proving Fault in a Bicycle Accident Lawsuit in Louisiana

Proving fault in a bicycle accident lawsuit can be challenging, especially since these cases are often complex. To prove a negligent party’s fault and recover the compensation you deserve, seek help from our Louisiana bicycle accident attorneys.

In Louisiana, bike accident victims must prove that it is more likely than not that a defendant’s negligence caused their injuries. Meeting this burden of proof can be difficult and often requires the resources and experience of skilled lawyers.

Our attorneys will compile compelling evidence, such as eyewitness statements, medical records, security camera footage, and photographs that illustrate negligence to prove a defendant’s fault. Other documents, like police reports, can also be helpful when piecing together a bicycle accident’s events in Louisiana.

Compensation for Louisiana Bicycle Accident Victims

In bicycle accident claims, victims can recover significant compensation against negligent drivers. Because bike accident injuries are often severe, and because Louisiana does not impose a cap on compensatory damages for these claims, victims can recover total compensation for their losses.

Economic damages are often available in bicycle accident lawsuits in Louisiana. These damages can cover financial losses stemming from an accident, like medical bills, lost wages, and other out-of-pocket expenses. Our Louisiana bicycle accident attorneys can gather records of your financial losses to act as proof of damages so that you can recover compensation for all expenses incurred because of a defendant’s negligence.

Victims who sustain serious injuries in bike accidents may experience emotional difficulties. Though these difficulties have no inherent financial value, they often have a notable impact on victims’ lives. Because of this, victims are often eligible to recover non-economic damages in Louisiana bike accident lawsuits. Louisiana does not impose a cap on this type of compensation.

It is important to note that compensatory damages of any kind are never guaranteed. To recover both economic and non-economic damages in a lawsuit against a negligent driver, turn to our dependable Louisiana bicycle accident attorneys.

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If you were recently injured in a bicycle accident in Louisiana, our lawyers can help. For a free case evaluation with the Louisiana bicycle accident attorneys at Rice, Murtha & Psoras, call today at (225) 269-8930.