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Bus accident victims often require substantial compensation after a crash. To recover the damages they need to heal, victims can turn to our attorneys after a bus accident in Louisiana.

After a bus accident in Louisiana, victims should call the police, speak to eyewitnesses, and visit the hospital. Then, victims should call our attorneys. We can explain the benefits of filing a bus accident lawsuit and help you do so within Louisiana’s one-year statute of limitations. Before you sue, you must determine fault. Our lawyers can investigate your case to determine who is to blame for your injuries and prove their negligence in a compensation claim. When successful, bus accident victims can recover significant economic and non-economic damages in a Louisiana lawsuit.

Our attorneys are dedicated to helping victims recover the compensation they deserve after a bus accident in Louisiana. For a free case evaluation with the Louisiana bus accident lawyers at Rice, Murtha & Psoras, call today at (225) 269-8930.

What to Do After a Bus Accident in Louisiana

Bus accidents are often dangerous, causing serious injuries to victims in Louisiana. If you are ever injured in a bus accident, whether as a passenger, pedestrian, bicyclist, or passenger car driver, there are several things you should do right away.

Call the Police

Immediately after a bus accident, call the police. Although multiple parties are often involved in bus accidents, including additional victims, you should not rely on them to involve the police. It is important for you and your access to compensation to involve law enforcement. Be sure to call law enforcement officials so that they can complete a police report. Our Louisiana bus accident lawyers can use this report to strengthen your future compensation claim.

Speak to Witnesses

Because bus accidents are often chaotic and devastating, people may stop to pay attention. If there are witnesses to an accident, including other passengers, be sure to get their contact information. They may have seen or photographed something that our Louisiana attorneys can use to prove a negligent party’s fault.

Go to the Hospital

Because buses do not have certain safety measures, like seatbelts and airbags, passengers may sustain serious injuries in a crash. Other potential victims, like pedestrians, bicyclists, or passenger car drivers, may be severely injured when struck by a large bus in Louisiana. By going to the hospital, victims create necessary medical documentation that can be useful to our lawyers when building a case.

Call Our Attorneys

Call our attorneys as soon as possible after a bus accident in Louisiana. Our team can help you take the necessary steps after a bus accident and start investigating a collision immediately. Our lawyers can explain the benefits of filing a lawsuit in Louisiana and identify the party responsible for your injuries after a bus accident.

Statute of Limitations for Louisiana Bus Accident Claims

Because bus accident damages are often so serious, victims usually file a lawsuit for compensation. It is important to act quickly and bring a claim right away, as Louisiana’s statute of limitations for bus accident lawsuits is relatively short.

In Louisiana, bus accident victims have just one year after a collision to file a lawsuit. That is a very short period of time for victims to hire an attorney, gather the necessary information, and bring a claim. Unfortunately, you may be barred from recovery in Louisiana if you do not file a lawsuit before the deadline.

To prevent this from happening, victims can hire our Louisiana bus accident attorneys. Our lawyers can help you bring a claim within the statute of limitations so that you do not miss your opportunity to sue a negligent party for compensatory damages after a bus accident.

Determining and Proving Fault in a Bus Accident Lawsuit in Louisiana

Bus accidents can be complicated and often involve several parties. To get to the bottom of an accident’s cause and prove a defendant’s fault in a compensation claim, victims should hire our experienced attorneys after a bus accident in Louisiana.

Before proving fault, you must determine who is liable for your damages. Several parties might share liability for a victim’s injuries in a bus accident. That said, a parent bus company is often at least partially at fault for an accident in Louisiana. That is because parent companies are responsible for properly vetting drivers and regularly inspecting vehicles. If a parent bus company neglected its responsibilities, and that negligence led to an accident, you might be able to file a lawsuit in Louisiana. This also applies to individual bus drivers and manufacturers whose negligence caused or contributed to a crash.

Once you have determined fault, it is time to prove it. To achieve this, our Louisiana bus accident lawyers will thoroughly investigate a crash to uncover evidence of negligence. Using evidence like medical records, eyewitness testimony, security camera footage, photographs, and other information learned from police reports, our attorneys can prove a negligent party’s fault in a bus accident lawsuit in Louisiana.

Compensation for Louisiana Bus Accident Victims

Since bus accident injuries are often severe, victims stand to recover considerable compensation in a lawsuit against a negligent party. Compensation is never promised, so hiring our skilled attorneys after a bus accident in Louisiana is crucial for injured victims.

In Louisiana, victims can recover economic damages in a bus accident lawsuit. Perhaps the most basic type of compensation, economic damages seek to cover financial losses from an accident. Often in bus accidents, the most significant financial losses that victims experience are due to medical bills and lost wages. If you have incurred other out-of-pocket expenses because of a defendant’s negligence, you can recover compensation for those losses as well.

Serious injuries do not just affect victims financially or physically but emotionally, too. Because of this, victims can also recover non-economic damages in a bus accident lawsuit in Louisiana. In some cases of gross negligence, victims might even be able to recover punitive damages. Recovering sufficient economic and non-economic damages can be challenging, so seeking help from our experienced lawyers is important.

Call Our Louisiana Attorneys After a Bus Accident

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