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If you were in a car accident, you might be shaken up by the whole experience. It might be difficult to argue over liability and compensation while recovering from injuries. Hiring an attorney can make things a lot easier.

After a car crash, most people only want to rest, recover, and get back on their feet. While many people also want fair compensation for their injuries, they often assume the legal system is too complicated, and that compensation is out of reach. You should speak to an attorney immediately, as navigating the legal system with a qualified lawyer makes getting compensation much easier. Generally, another driver might be liable for your car accident, although their insurance is likely the one paying. Still, other unexpected parties might come into play, which is another good reason to lawyer up. You should get legal help sooner rather than later, as the deadline to file your claims might be counting down as we speak.

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Why You Should File a Lawsuit After a Car Accident in North Bethesda

Taking legal action, like filing a lawsuit, is daunting, and many people are unsure if they are up for the challenge. While lawsuits can sometimes be a struggle, they are often worth the time and effort. You should consider suing for damages after a car accident if you experience bodily injuries, incurred significant expenses, or endured mental or physical pain and suffering.

A car accident injury may be anything from minor bumps and bruises to majorly debilitating. Generally, the more severe your injuries are, the greater your financial compensation should be. Injured accident victims who are fortunate enough to make a full recovery often just count themselves lucky they did not have any major medical complications, and they decide not to take legal action. The truth is, even if your injuries fully heal, you deserve compensation for everything you went through, even for minor injuries.

The expenses of a car accident can be staggering, and many drivers cannot foot the bill. As mentioned before, your injuries might be significant. As such, you might incur big medical bills. Medical expenses are notoriously high, and many people are financially ruined because they were badly hurt in a car accident and do not have health insurance.

Pain and suffering are not usually related to money, but they can still be compensated in a car accident case. While damages for pain and suffering are sometimes dismissed in the court of public opinion as frivolous, they are anything but. The physical pain, mental anguish, and emotional trauma that accident survivors endure may last a lifetime. If you experience pain and suffering after your accident, talk to your lawyer about compensation.

Who is Liable for Car Accidents in North Bethesda?

Liability for car accidents can be tricky, as one or many other drivers might be responsible for the crash. To make matters even more confusing, parties not directly involved in the crash might have somehow contributed to it. It is important to figure out exactly who should be held liable so you have the best odds of getting fair compensation.

Often, injured plaintiffs sue the other driver involved in the accident for damages. This is common since many accidents involve only two vehicles and two drivers. However, there are many other possibilities. If you were injured in a multi-vehicle accident, you might sue one or several other drivers. You might sue some but not others. Figuring out how each driver contributed to the accident is crucial to getting compensation for your damages.

Sometimes, third parties not directly involved in the crash share liability. For example, suppose the other driver hit you because their brakes failed. In that case, you and the other driver might sue the manufacturer of the defective brakes. Suppose the accident happened because a traffic light was malfunctioning. In that case, you might instead sue the city or even the state, as maintenance of public roads and highways is the government’s responsibility.

When to Speak to a Lawyer About Your North Bethesda Car Accident

It is important to speak to an attorney bout your case as soon as possible. Ideally, you should consider speaking to an attorney as soon as you are medically cleared by a doctor. Even if you have to stay in the hospital for a while, you can ask a friend or family member to reach out to an attorney to get started on your case while you recover.

Your time to file a lawsuit after a car accident is limited. According to Md. Code, Cts. and Jud. Proc., § 5-101, civil lawsuits must be filed within 3 years of when the cause of action arose. This means you have 3 years from the date of the car accident to sue for damages. If the deadline to file your lawsuit passes, you might be unable to claim compensation for your damages.

How an Attorney Can Help You with Your North Bethesda Car Accident Claims

A lawyer can help you prepare your lawsuit by gathering evidence, assessing damages, drafting a complaint, and developing effective legal strategies and arguments. Contrary to popular belief, much of the work that goes into a lawsuit happens before the case is filed with the court. While we often picture dramatic courtroom scenes when discussing lawsuits, the trial is only one small part of the overall case.

To file your case, we need evidence. Without any evidence to back up your claims, your complaint is no more than a list of baseless accusations, and the court will quickly throw it out. While our car accident lawyers do not need enough evidence to prove your claims definitely when we file the case, we need enough to show that you have a valid legal claim.

We also need to assess your damages. Damages are a big part of your lawsuit and make up an important section of your complaint. We need to explain how you were injured, how much your injuries cost, and what kind of compensation you need. Your attorney can help you identify and evaluate all your damages so that nothing is overlooked and you get the most compensation possible.

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