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The majority of car accidents, fortunately, involve property damage alone.  Though rare, fatal car accidents still account for approximately 500 deaths each year in Maryland alone.

The surviving families of those killed in a car accident need special legal attention and representation to handle these sensitive cases.  You may be entitled to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver in the crash, and our lawyers may be able to fight to get you financial compensation for the death of a loved one after a fatal car crash.

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Causes of Fatal Car Crashes in Ocean City, MD

Car accidents can occur for many reasons.  Most low-speed car accidents are caused by inattention, pulling out from a stop sign or red light at the wrong time, or even accidents in parking lots.  However, fatal car crashes are usually caused by much more severe examples of negligent driving.

Drunk driving is a serious problem throughout the country.  Drug- and alcohol-related car crashes account for a significant proportion of all fatal car crashes, and the families of drunk-driving victims may be able to hold the driver accountable for the crash that killed their loved one.

In the town in Ocean City, there are plenty of options to take a bus, taxi, or rideshare car instead of driving drunk, but many people ignore these options and get behind the wheel instead.

Many local victims of deadly drunk driving crashes are pedestrians walking to or from the beach, as well as drivers and passengers in single-car or multi-car accidents.

Speeding is a common contributing factor in many deadly car accidents.  When driving at highway speeds, a driver’s ability to react to problems and stop the car in time is reduced, and that can put others at risk.

In addition, fast-moving cars carry more energy, which is disbursed in the crash, causing damage to their car and the other cars involved in the crash.  This can make high-speed crashes far more destructive and deadly.

Distracted driving is another common cause of deadly accidents.  Drivers who text while driving or submit themselves to other distractions can be a danger to those around them.

Texting and driving create not only the visual distraction of taking your eyes off the road but also a mental distraction while you focus on something else and a physical distraction while you occupy your hands.

This kind of action behind the wheel is unacceptable and dangerous.

Tired driving can also cause deadly accidents.  If a driver falls asleep or nods off before a crash, it could be impossible for them to brake in time or swerve to mitigate the damage of the crash.

This means these accidents are often more forceful and far deadlier.  Being drowsy or tired can also slow a driver’s reaction time, much like being drunk can.

Compensation for Deadly Car Accidents in Maryland

Victims of a car crash could face substantial pain and suffering as well as medical bills at the end of their life.  Their surviving family will continue to face additional harms for themselves after losing a loved one, such as lost wages, lost companionship, funeral and burial expenses, lost household services, and other damages.

In many cases, you may be able to file a lawsuit to cover these costs and seek financial compensation for the death of a loved one.

While receiving damages for the death of a loved one will not reduce the pain of their loss or bring them back, this kind of financial compensation can help your family continue to move forward.

Especially if you lost a parent or spouse who was responsible for the household’s income, filing a lawsuit for their death could be essential to continuing to support your family.

The best way to get the full value of your damages covered is often to file a wrongful death lawsuit with the courts.  In many car accidents, you may find that filing through insurance is enough to cover the cost of vehicle repairs and other property damage, but when physical injuries or death are involved, insurance might be inadequate.

Insurance policies typically will not cover the full value of damages for medical bills, lost wages, and other death benefits.  Moreover, they may have caps on particular areas of damages, such as a maximum payout for funeral and burial expenses.  Moreover, these policies tend to block damages for the emotional and mental injuries you face as the surviving family of the deceased.

Talk to a lawyer about whether filing a lawsuit can help in your case.  Typically, any damages resulting from the defendant’s mistakes or errors should be paid in full in a lawsuit.

Even if the at-fault driver was also killed in the crash, you may be able to claim damages against their estate and fight to get your family and your loved one’s memory the justice they deserve.

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