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Negligent drivers not only pose a huge risk to other drivers, but they also pose a risk to pedestrians, especially in areas with lots of foot traffic. These drivers should not be allowed to get away with the harm they cause, and a lawyer can help you claim compensation.

Pedestrian accidents might happen anywhere people traveling on foot come close to vehicle traffic. Risk factors like high speed limits, crosswalks without lighted signals, low visibility, and busy areas make pedestrian accidents more likely. Damages should account for various expenses related to your injuries, painful experiences, and emotional trauma. If the other driver’s actions were especially shocking or malicious, punitive damages might also be in order. Whom to hold liable for the accident also depends on your specific situation. While negligent drivers are perhaps the more common culprit, the city might be responsible if poorly maintained infrastructure causes the collision. A lawsuit can help you recoup financial losses from your accident and secure justice, closure, and vindication.

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Risk Factors for Pedestrian Accidents in Odenton

A pedestrian accident might strike almost anywhere people on foot cross paths with moving vehicles. Certain risk factors might make an accident more likely, and pedestrians and drivers should always exercise caution.

You should have your guard up in areas that allow high speed traffic. For example, you might be on a sidewalk along a street with a high speed limit. As such, drivers are moving faster and might have difficulty stopping for pedestrians, especially if the driver is distracted or driving recklessly.

Crosswalks tend to be risky already, especially when they cross busy intersections. Crosswalks without lighted signals are even riskier for pedestrians. Not all crosswalks have lighted signals that stop traffic for pedestrians. Many have no lights, and drivers simply yield if they see pedestrians crossing. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to yield or mistakenly believe that pedestrians must yield the road to drivers, and they plow through the crosswalk without stopping.

Visibility is another big problem in pedestrian accidents. When visibility is low at night, in bad weather, or in poorly lit parking garages, drivers might not see pedestrians in time and hit them. Even so, drivers should be using their headlights and might be responsible for the accident if they fail to do so.

The general hustle and bustle of a particular area might make it more dangerous for pedestrian accidents. When vehicle and foot traffic are both heavy, there is a greater chance for a negligent driver to hit a pedestrian. With so many people moving in and out of an intersection or parking lot, hurried drivers might make serious mistakes and hit someone.

Available Damages in Pedestrian Accident Lawsuits in Odenton

The damages available to plaintiffs in pedestrian accident cases may be significant because injuries are often severe. Plaintiffs often incur large amounts of debt because of their injuries. Medical care is known for being expensive, even for those with insurance. In fact, your medical bills might constitute a significant portion of your overall damages.

You should also claim damages for any damaged or destroyed personal belongings. While injured pedestrians might not worry about damage to a vehicle, they might still lose personal belongings like phones, laptops, expensive jewelry, or other expensive items.

You can also claim compensation for damages related to psychological or emotional strain and trauma. Surviving an accident is not easy to bounce back from, physically or mentally. Many people struggle to come to terms with their injuries, especially if they experience long-term complications. Your emotional turmoil must not be disregarded.

Under very limited circumstances, our pedestrian accident attorneys can help you claim punitive damages. These damages are only available in cases where the defendant’s behavior was extremely outrageous, shocking, or heinous. For example, punitive damages might be on the table if the driver hits you on purpose. These damages are meant to serve as a punishment rather than compensate for actual losses.

Liability in Odenton Pedestrian Accidents Cases

In perhaps the majority of pedestrian accidents, negligent drivers are the ones responsible and should be sued for damages. Factors like distracted driving, intoxication, and traffic violations are all rooted in driver negligence. In some cases, more than one driver is at fault, and injured pedestrians may sue as many drivers as necessary to achieve justice and get fair compensation.

In some cases, a pedestrian accident might happen because of poor infrastructure. Poorly designed roads, unsafe speed limits, a lack of signs or signals, or unsafe road conditions sometimes cause pedestrian accidents. Injured pedestrians may sue the city or municipality in charge of maintaining the roads in these cases.

For example, perhaps the city foolishly placed a crosswalk with no lighted signal in the middle of a sharp curve in the road. As such, it would be difficult for drivers to see pedestrians in the crosswalk until they are rounding the curve and it is too late to stop. After the accident, the pedestrian could sue the city for creating such a dangerous environment.

How a Lawsuit Can Help You After a Pedestrian Accident in Odenton

A big reason many pedestrians file lawsuits after accidents is to recover financially. Accidents are not cheap. Medical care, property damage, and lost wages from missing work can add up to astronomical costs. An attorney can help you account for your economic losses and non-economic injuries, like pain and suffering.

You should also file a lawsuit because the negligent driver deserves to be held accountable, and you deserve justice. Even though negligent drivers do not necessarily commit criminal offenses when they cause accidents, that does not mean they have not wronged another person. Victims of these accidents often struggle with their injuries, disabilities, and psychological trauma. Getting closure from a lawsuit can help injured victims achieve vindication and closure.

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