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Victims of motor vehicle accidents might incur a wide range of damages in Parole. Fortunately, those costs can be compensable when victims file car accident lawsuits against negligent drivers.

When car accident happens in Parole, victims should prioritize learning the values of their potential claims. Our attorneys can accomplish this by calculating both your deserved economic and non-economic damages. To recover those damages, you must file your lawsuit within three years of the accident and build a case capable of proving the negligent driver’s fault. Whether your case goes to trial or settles out of court, our attorneys will be prepared to provide proof of damages that reinforce your need for compensation. If you are inclined to settle, we will ensure that the offer you accept is fair and fully compensates you. Otherwise, going to trial may enable you to claim the damages you need.

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Calculating the Value of Your Car Accident Lawsuit in Parole

When determining the value of your motor vehicle accident case in Parole, our attorneys will divide your damages into two categories: economic and non-economic categories. Then, we will use the appropriate calculation methods to determine your deserved recovery.

Economic Damages

We can start with your economic damages. These are any financial losses you have incurred because of an auto accident in Parole. Economic damages include your medical expenses, lost wages, and any other out-of-pocket expenses, such as travel costs to and from the hospital or in-house care. Because economic damages are exact, you must keep and organize any records of losses as you incur them. This will allow us to add up all of your damages and submit proof that they exist. If you will require additional medical care in the future, our car accident lawyers can use statements from medical experts to help you recover compensation for financial damages not yet incurred. There is no limit on recovery of economic damages for car accident victims in Parole.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages can be trickier to assess. To estimate your deserved non-economic damages in Parole, we might use the per diem method or the multiplier method. The per diem method works by assigning a dollar amount to your pain and suffering and multiplying that amount by the number of days you have experienced and are expected to experience emotional distress because of an accident. The multiplier method works by choosing a multiplier and applying that number to your calculated economic damages. Multipliers are typically chosen based on the severity of a victim’s injuries. We can support your claim for non-economic damages by presenting evidence of your pain and suffering, such as testimony from mental health professionals.

Recovering Punitive Damages in a Car Accident Lawsuit in Parole

In addition to economic and non-economic damages, you might be awarded punitive damages in your car accident lawsuit in Parole. That said, the defendant’s level of negligence must exceed common negligence for these damages to be awarded.

In Maryland, punitive damages are used to punish a defendant for gross negligence. Gross negligence is when a person acts without any regard for others’ safety or well-being. For example, getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated and proceeding to operate that car puts everyone on the road at a high risk of injury. This means that if you were injured because of a drunk driver in Parole, you might be eligible to receive punitive damages.

Juries award punitive damages according to various guidelines and advice. To ultimately get punitive damages, you must request them in your initial complaint filed with the court. You must also submit evidence that demonstrates the defendant acted with gross negligence when causing your injuries. Because not all car accidents are caused by gross negligence, not all victims will be awarded punitive damages in Parole.

Settling a Car Accident Case vs. Taking it to Court in Parole

After you file a claim for a car accident in Parole, one of two things might happen. You might engage in settlement negotiations, or you might proceed with a trial. Our attorneys can walk you through this process to ensure you take the right path for your recovery in Parole. In some cases, victims negotiate settlements for some time and then choose to go to court.

Because jury awards in car accident cases can be so high, especially if a victim sustained serious injuries, defendants might want to settle claims out of court. While this can also be favorable for victims in some cases, it is important to carefully review settlement offers and compare them to our calculation of your damages so that you do not unintentionally accept an unfair offer. Settlement negotiations can be lengthy, depending on the case and the defendant’s willingness to settle at a fair amount. Once you agree to a settlement, your case will conclude and you may not be able to claim further damages.

If you go to trial because settlement negotiations are not progressing in your favor, we can present our evidence in front of a jury. When we do this, we must prove that it is more likely than not that the defendant’s negligence caused your injuries. To meet the standard of proof in court, we have to show that the defendant owed you a duty of care and breached that duty, causing your injuries and real damages. This will require evidence of negligence, such as medical records, photos and videos from the accident scene, eyewitness statements, expert statements, and more. We will also show the jury proof of your economic and non-economic losses so that they can be more informed when awarding you damages in Parole.

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