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If you were involved in a truck accident, there is a high chance that you were seriously injured. In the most recent statistics from 2020, more than 4,000 people were killed in truck accidents that year. Nearly all of those deaths were occupants of vehicles other than the truck. This is because trucks can cause extremely severe injuries because of how large and heavy they are. Medical bills for injuries sustained in a truck accident can easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Moreover, those injuries may change your life forever, even with a lengthy recovery, depending on their severity.

With a situation as serious as a truck accident, you need professional legal help. Our lawyers are experienced attorneys who will never stop fighting for the compensation you deserve after a trucking accident.

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Why Sue after a Truck Accident in Reisterstown, MD?

There are many reasons to sue after a truck accident. First and foremost, recovery from a truck accident will be incredibly expensive. The cost of surgeries, long-term physical therapy, live-in medical aids, and other medical expenses can easily add up to enormous amounts. Second, the truck driver or the trucking company involved in your accident may wish to place the blame on you to try and avoid liability. Finally, your insurance may not cover your injuries unless you file a lawsuit.

Injuries From Truck Accidents in Reisterstown, MD

Truck accidents can cause many different kinds of injuries. While it may seem like the mere fact that you were injured is all that matters, the specific kind of injuries you received is actually very important to our truck accident lawyers. Different injuries can be caused by different things. Since you can only recover damages from parties that caused your injuries, your specific injuries can be instructive as to whom to bring to court in your truck accident lawsuit.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are extremely common in truck accidents as well as motor vehicle accidents involving any kind of vehicle. The high-impact forces involved in a truck crash can crush or snap even the more resilient bones in the body, like femurs. Serious breaks like compound fractures may require multiple surgeries to set back in place to heal fully. Even less severe fractures will require a cast and immobilizing the relevant area of the body for a long period of time, and you will likely have to restrengthen the area around the fracture after a prolonged period of not using it.

Bruising and Internal Bleeding

Bruising is caused by crushed blood vessels pooling blood underneath the skin. This is what results in pain and discoloration on the surface. In less serious circumstances than a truck accident, a bruise will heal on its own most of the time. However, severe bruising in truck accidents is often indicative of much more serious injuries, like organ damage or internal bleeding, both of which can be fatal if not immediately treated.

Cuts, Lacerations, and Puncture Wounds

Cuts and stabbing injuries can happen in truck accidents when pieces of the truck are warped or sheared off and fly through the air. This could be bits of metal or broken glass from the truck or another vehicle involved in the accident.

Cuts received in a truck accident will almost always require significant stitching to heal fully. Additionally, impacts by sharp objects have the potential to remove appendages like fingers and toes and could also cause permanent disfigurement in the face.

Puncture wounds are significantly more dangerous than cuts. First, they are harder to stitch shut and may bleed for quite a while. Second, an object does not need to penetrate far into the body to reach a vital organ and cause serious, potentially fatal, damage.


Severe burns generally happen for one of two reasons in truck accidents. The first is that the gas tank or the truck leaks and/or combusts, scorching the occupants of other vehicles involved. The second is that the truck was carrying something flammable or volatile, and the circumstances of the accident caused this cargo to catch fire and burn the victims.

Severe burns will likely require painful surgeries and skin grafts to heal the affected areas. Moreover, deep burns can result in nerve damage, which could lead to loss of feeling in the affected area or constant, chronic pain.

Traumatic Amputation

Forceful impacts like those in a truck accident have the potential to rip limbs from the body. This is called a traumatic amputation because it is not done in a medical setting. A traumatic amputation needs immediate, intensive medical care, or the victim can very easily die from the resulting blood loss.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is caused by hard blows to the head that damage the brain or puncture the skull. The impact of a large big-rig vehicle can easily generate enough force to cause a TBI. The consequences of even a mild TBI are very serious. Mild traumatic brain injuries like concussions can result in memory loss, mood swings, and painful migraines that may recur for the rest of the victim’s life. Moreover, the effects of concussions are known to get worse with each subsequent hit, so if you had a prior concussion before a truck accident, the damage will likely be worse.

More serious TBIs have dire consequences. You could lose the ability to speak, walk, or do other basic functions. You may need medical assistance for the rest of your life. In extreme circumstances, a serious Traumatic brain injury can eventually be fatal.

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