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Accidents happen all the time, and numerous people might be injured. Even though accidents are unintentional, that does not mean that the person responsible cannot be held accountable. Our team of attorneys can help you file a claim for compensation.

People file personal injury claims for a wide variety of accidents and injuries. Some common accidents include car accidents, premises liability injuries, and accidents on the job. Evidence often comes from the place where your accident occurred, although your attorney can help you find additional evidence elsewhere if needed. Your attorney can also help you assess damages, including economic losses and painful emotional damages. Although having a lawyer is not legally required, you should hire an experienced personal injury attorney to assist you.

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Reasons People File Personal Injury Claims in Salisbury, MD

Personal injuries may include a very wide breadth of accidents, injuries, and damages. Generally, almost any case involving some sort of physical harm to your body may be considered a personal injury case. If you experienced bodily harm, talk to a lawyer about how to begin a claim. Below are a few of the more common personal injury claims filed in Maryland.

Car accidents are extremely common. They are arguably one of the most frequently cited reasons why plaintiffs file personal injury lawsuits. Auto accidents may range from relatively minor fender benders with minimal physical injuries to extremely injurious collisions. To make these cases even more complicated, plaintiffs often jump through hoops with insurance companies before deciding to take the issue to court. Our personal injury lawyers can help you navigate this process so you get compensation as quickly as possible.

Premises liability cases involve personal injuries where the plaintiff was injured because of unsafe conditions on someone’s property. Typically, the owner of the property may be held liable for the injuries. Common examples include slipping and falling on someone’s unsafe stairs, slipping in a wet spot in a retail store or restaurant, or being injured by hazardous materials that should have been removed, like broken glass from a shattered window.

Workplace accidents also make for frequent personal injuries. While many such accidents occur in dangerous work environments, some cases stem from relatively mundane places. You could easily be injured if you work with power tools or machinery. You could also be injured in a simple office by a faulty elevator or escalator.

Evidence You Might Need to Support Your Personal Injury Claims in Salisbury, MD

Evidence can be tricky because it might look like anything and be found almost anywhere. Evidence is defined broadly as anything relevant to your case that meets the rules of admissibility for evidence and tends to prove your claims one way or the other.

Evidence might come directly from the location where you were hurt. For example, after a car crash, you might find important pieces of evidence at the crash site. Unfortunately, many people have difficulty returning to the scene of their injuries. As such, it is important to try and record the scene right after the accident. Taking pictures and recording videos might help you preserve the scene for presentation in court.

If other people saw your accident happen or have other first-hand knowledge about the case, we might find them and get them to testify as witnesses. Witness testimony may be the driving force of a case. The more people who can testify, the more persuasive your arguments might be.

In some cases, records may be presented as evidence. For example, if your injuries were very complex or unusual, we might present your medical records as evidence. If you were injured by someone driving as part of their job (i.e., bus drivers, taxi drivers, delivery drivers), we might use business records or driving logs from the defendant to prove certain elements of your case.

Damages Available in Many Salisbury, MD Personal Injury Claims

Damages recoverable in personal injury cases might be quite significant, depending on your accident, injuries, and overall situation. Damages are often rooted in monetary costs, like bills and expenses related to an accident. Other damages might be rooted in emotional suffering and psychological pain that technically do not cost money.

Monetary expenses might involve bills from hospital stays, medical treatment, medication, and various other costs necessary to treat your injuries. For those with severe injuries, these costs might lead to substantial damages and compensation. You should also think about your ability to work and earn a living after your accident. If you have difficulty working, you might claim lost income as part of your damages.

Emotional or psychological damages are more subjective as they are unrelated to costs or money. Even so, they may be monetarily compensated. Pain, suffering, humiliation, and distress should all be compensated. The longer you endure these painful experiences, the more you should be compensated.

Do I Need an Attorney for My Personal Injury Claim in Salisbury, MD?

A lawyer is not required by law, but having one is in your best interests. Your attorney can help you navigate the complicated legal procedures to get your claims into a courtroom. Not only that, but an attorney should be familiar with how damages are calculated, and they can help you figure out what the damages in your case are like and how much compensation you deserve.

Your lawyer can also help you find evidence. As mentioned before, evidence can be tricky. For some, it is widely available, but for others, it is hard to find. Your lawyer should know how to obtain evidence that will support your claims. If evidence is hard to come by, your lawyer can develop legal strategies that make effective use of the evidence you do have.

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