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At any point, you could be injured by another person’s negligence. When that happens, our lawyers can help you get compensation through a lawsuit.

Our lawyers have been helping clients get the justice they deserve for years and can help your case. If you were injured in a car accident, we could help identify the liable parties. This could include the other driver, but it might also include a business if the driver was a commercial driver. Our team also has experience with difficult claims, like those for medical malpractice injuries and premises liability. We know the evidence you will need to prove the elements of your claim. We will also assess all your damages so you do not miss out on any of the compensation you deserve.

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Personal Injury Cases Our Lawyers Commonly Litigate in Stonecrest, GA

Personal injuries come in many forms and are caused in countless ways. Most lawsuits are filed because someone acted negligently and injured another person. Other claims are over intentional misconduct. Regardless of your reasons for getting justice, our personal injury lawyers will help you get the compensation you are entitled to. Our team has the experience to handle cases from minor accidents to those involving extensive injuries. The following are some of the most common types of claims we litigate in Stonecrest:

Vehicle Accidents

Many lawsuits are filed for injuries sustained in car accidents. Car accidents are common in the area, as traffic in Stonecrest is often made worse by people coming in and out of Atlanta. Far too many accidents are caused by drivers distracted by their phones or speeding.

Accidents involving you and another driver tend to be straightforward since there is usually only one defendant. However, our team can evaluate your case for other potentially liable parties. For instance, you might have been hit by a commercial vehicle, like a Coca-Cola truck. In such cases, we would sue the driver and include their employer as a defendant. We can do this because most employers are vicariously liable for the acts of their employees while on the clock.

Our team can also help if you have been injured in a bus accident. Bus accidents work much like truck accidents. If a bus driver caused your accident, we can usually sue the driver and the bus company. However, these cases are more challenging if a public bus company, like MARTA, is involved. You typically have a shorter amount of time to file a claim and must provide notice to the bus company before suing. We can also help file a lawsuit against a private bus company, such as Greyhound.

Rideshare accidents involving Uber and Lyft are also becoming much more common. While you usually cannot file a lawsuit against these companies, they have insurance options that might be available to cover your damages. Our team can review how to claim this compensation and whether any party in the case can be sued.

Amusement Park Accidents

Numerous amusement parks in the area provide fun for families during the warmer parts of the year. Unfortunately, devastating accidents can happen at these locations because the property owner failed to make the premises safe. A ride could malfunction and injure a guest if it was not inspected and serviced regularly. For instance, you or your child could be injured while visiting Six Flags or the Fun Zone. Our team can determine how your accident was caused. In most cases, we will file your claim against the park and an employee if one directly contributed to your accident.

Water Park Accidents

Water parks are notorious for dangerous slip and fall accidents and drownings. Some guests are injured or drown because the park does not have enough lifeguards or because the guard that was supposed to be on duty is gone. Our lawyers will investigate your accident to determine who should be held responsible. Common water parks in the area where you could be injured include Brownsmill Aquatic Facility, Spivey Splash Water Park, and Mountain Park Aquatic Center.

Accidents Caused by Products

One of the more challenging types of cases our team handles is those caused by defective products. A product can be defective in many ways. Perhaps a toy is designed to be a choking hazard to children. Other products, like defective appliances, can electrocute a person or even explode. Even medications can be manufactured defectively, injuring those who have a prescription.

Our lawyers will gather evidence and help determine where the defect in the product that injured you occurred. Depending on where it happened, we might file a claim against the manufacturer, designer, or both if they are the same entity.

Workplace Accidents

Much of our days are spent at work, so it is not uncommon to suffer an injury at work. If you were hurt on the job, our team can help you explore ways to cover your damages. Most employers are required to provide Workers’ Compensation insurance to their employees. This can be a good way to get compensation for your injuries quickly since you do not have to go through the effort of proving fault.

However, the types of compensation you can recover through Workers’ Compensation are generally limited to your medical expenses and lost wages. If you need damages for your non-economic losses, your “pain and suffering,” our team can determine whether a lawsuit can be filed. If your employer was grossly negligent or you were injured by a contractor on your job site, you can likely file a lawsuit.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases can also make it difficult for victims to recover compensation. These cases are often highly complex, and you might not completely understand how your injuries were caused, only that your healthcare provider acted carelessly. For instance, malpractice often occurs when a doctor fails to catch a condition and diagnose it properly. Other times, they discover the ailment but misdiagnose it. These delays in care can cause the condition to worsen considerably, translating into higher healthcare costs to seek out additional treatment.

In other cases, patients suffer gross negligence during surgery. For example, it is a clear case of malpractice if a surgeon leaves a foreign object in a patient after surgery. We would also investigate to see if proper sterilization procedures were followed before your surgery.

It is also possible that your doctor was not the only negligent party handling your treatment. If nurses or other specialists contributed to your damages, we can name them as defendants in your lawsuit.

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