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Motor vehicle accidents, sadly, happen all too often. No matter the reason for the crash, these accidents result in serious injuries, which often means emergency treatment at a hospital and long-term care needs. Moreover, it can be incredibly expensive to pay for that medical care. This is to say nothing of the mental and emotional effects of being in a scary experience like a car crash.

Fortunately, we can lend you a hand after a car crash. Our attorneys have the professionalism, drive, and experience to effectively represent you in court and fight hard for the financial compensation you need after an accident.

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Injuries in Takoma Park, MD Car Accidents

Car accidents often result in serious injuries to the victims. The extent of your injuries will be a critical part of your claim. Having a record of all the injuries you sustained is important for proving that you were, in fact, injured to the court, as well as for explaining part of what you are asking for in damages.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are common in car crashes. A car suddenly coming to a stop when it is hit can result in the passengers’ heads whipping around or otherwise moving in unnatural ways. There is also the danger of a passenger hitting their head hard on the interior of the car or on another surface.

One of the most serious head injuries you can get in a car accident is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). These injuries are caused by hits to the head that are forceful enough to damage the brain. On the lower end of the spectrum, there are “mild” TBIs – better known as concussions. Even mild TBIs can have serious side effects like memory loss, mood swings, or migraines. More severe TBIs can have incredibly dire consequences like the loss of basic motor functions or even death.

Neck and Back Injuries

Alongside head injuries, neck and back injuries are also quite common in car accidents. One of the most common neck injuries in a car crash is whiplash, where the neck is violently moved back and forth. Car accident victims who experience whiplash may feel soreness, numbness, or intense pain in the neck and upper shoulder areas. Sometimes, it can even take a few days for whiplash to set in after an accident takes place.

More serious neck and back injuries generally involve nerve damage, especially to the spinal column. Injuries that damage the spinal cord of the column can result in numbness, tingling sensations, or sporadic pain in the affected nerve pathways. The most grim neck and back injuries may result in partial or full paralysis.

Limb Injuries

You can also suffer serious injuries to arms and legs in a car crash. Alongside fractures, you can also get cut up or receive serious bruising on limbs – or any other part of the body, for that matter.

Explaining Damages in Takoma Park, MD Car Accident Cases

The goal of a car accident lawsuit is to get the jury to award you damages. In civil cases, damages are how the court compensates plaintiffs who prove the defendant liable. The idea is to restore the injured party to a similar situation to how their life was prior to getting injured. Often, the nature of the plaintiff’s injuries makes it so that it is not possible in reality, so a financial payout is used instead.

Compensatory Damages

Generally, the largest portion of damages in a motor vehicle accident case will be compensatory damages. As the name would suggest, these damages are designed to compensate the plaintiff for their situation.

One important factor that contributes to compensatory damages is medical bills. Surgeries, hospital stays, medication, physical therapy, and other long-term care can be incredibly expensive, so you can be compensated by the defendant for those costs.

Another thing that can factor into compensatory damages is lost wages. Often, a plaintiff’s injuries are such that they have to put regular activities – including their job – on hold so they can recover. If the plaintiff is not getting income while recovering, they can be compensated for lost wages. Additionally, plaintiffs can be awarded damages stemming from a difference in income if they had to shift to a position that paid them less money after they were injured. Finally, if a plaintiff is so injured that they are not able to work, damages can be based on their expected income for the rest of their working life.

Compensatory damages also include less immediately tangible things, such as physical pain and the emotional toll of injuries. For example, if your injuries leave you with chronic, intense pain, you can get compensated for that. Additionally, if, say, you were in a car crash and have recurring flashbacks of it every time you get in a motor vehicle, that can also factor into damages. These things, of course, do not have a price tag associated with them. You have to establish their worth in court.

Punitive Damages

The other category of damages is known as punitive damages. These damages are designed to punish the defendant. To be awarded punitive damages, you have to ask for them in your initial filings, and you must prove more than mere negligence. You should talk to our lawyers about these damages early on in your case if you want to seek them.

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