Baltimore Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Three Common Types of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a form of professional negligence that occurs when a medical professional, like a nurse, doctor, dentist, or surgeon, fails to perform his or her job in accordance with the accepted standard of care. People who are injured by medical malpractice are often much worse off than they were before they were hurt […]

Baltimore Slip and Fall Attorney

Winter Weather Slip and Falls

Maryland winters can often involve below-freezing temperatures and accumulations of snow and ice. If you have ever experienced conditions like this before, you are well aware of how treacherous it can be to get around in them. While slip and fall accidents in winter weather conditions may seem unavoidable, they can often be the result […]

Baltimore Traffic Ticket Attorney

Why You Shouldn’t Handle a Traffic Ticket Yourself

Traffic tickets are often viewed as an almost unavoidable cost of driving in the United States. It is virtually impossible to follow all of the traffic regulations all of the time, and we have all experienced situations in which nearly everyone on the road is driving 5 or 10 miles per hour above the posted […]

Baltimore DUI Defense Attorney

The Drunk Driving Reduction Act in MD

Last year, a police officer in Maryland lost his life when he was struck by an alleged drunk driver. In reaction to this occurrence, the legislature successfully set out to increase the drunk driving laws and requirements for offenders. This past May, Governor Hogan signed the Drunk Driving Reduction Act into law for the state of […]

Baltimore Criminal Defense Attorney

A Thanksgiving Hangover May Include Legal Trouble

For many, Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and feasting, and often, the consumption of alcohol. In fact, the night before Thanksgiving is often cited as the biggest bar night of the year, as people who are home for the holiday often go out to bars and clubs to spend time with old friends. […]

Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Maryland

Misdiagnosis can Cause Serious Harm

When you visit the emergency department or your doctor’s office with certain symptoms, you should expect that they will perform the necessary tests and ask the necessary questions to accurately diagnose any medical condition you may have and recommend the proper course of treatment. While this is a normal expectation – after all, doctors charge […]

Election Law Crimes in Maryland

Election Law Crimes Maryland

Election Law Crimes Maryland With the election approaching, you may wonder: Are there election law crimes in Maryland? Leave it to the Baltimore criminal lawyer Randolph Rice to find all of the things you could do this election season that may land you in jail. We know your parents told you to never talk about […]

Wills and Estate Attorneys in Maryland

Importance of a Comprehensive Estate Plan

  If you are a relatively young adult or if you do not believe you have a substantial amount of wealth, you may not think that estate planning is a necessary step for you. However, having a carefully crafted estate plan can be beneficial for anyone. Estate plans involve more than handing out your possessions […]

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Baltimore

Did a Police Search Violate Your Rights?

Police are not allowed to do anything they would like when they pull you over, stop you in the street, or knock on your door. The 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution1 prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures of people and places, and this prohibition has developed throughout our nation’s history into a significant body […]

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Press Release Nominated for The Expert Institute’s Best Legal Blog Contest

For Immediate Release – Contact: Law Offices of Randolph Rice – 410.288.2900 – The Law Offices of Randolph Rice Blog Has Been Nominated for The Expert Institute’s Best Legal Blog Contest Baltimore, Maryland  – Law Offices of Randolph Rice has been selected to compete in The Expert Institute’s Best Legal Blog Competition. From a field of […]