Facts You Need To Get After An Auto Accident

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Maryland law requires individuals involved in an auto accident to provide their name, address, license number, name and address of the vehicle’s owner. As well as their insurance company, policy number, and the agent name and agent’s phone number.

Baltimore car accident lawyer Randolph Rice explains the 32 most important facts you need to collect at the scene of the accident.

  1. Collision date
  2. Collision time
  3. Street name(s) where the collision occurred
  4. Number of vehicles involved in collision
  5. Weather/Road conditions at the time of collision
  6. Other driver’s full name
  7. Other driver’s Address
  8. Other driver’s Home phone
  9. Other driver’s Work phone
  10. Other driver’s Date of birth
  11. Other driver’s License number
  12. Other driver’s License State
  13. Other driver’s license expiration date
  14. Other driver’s Insurance company
  15. Other driver’s Insurance Policy number
  16. Other driver’s Insurance Agent’s name
  17. Other driver’s Insurance Agent’s phone number
  18. Other driver’s Insurance expiration date
  19. License tag number for other vehicle
  20. License State for other vehicle
  21. License expiration for other vehicle
  22. Vehicle year for other vehicle
  23. Make/Model for other vehicle
  24. Vehicle color for other vehicle
  25. Vehicle Identification number for other vehicle
  26. Other vehicle Owner’s full name
  27. Other vehicle Owner’s Address
  28. Other vehicle Owner’s home phone
  29. Other vehicle Owner’s work phone
  30. Witness’s Full name
  31. Witness’s Phone
  32. Witness’s Address

Should I Call the Police after an Accident?

If you’ve been in an accident, you should always call the police. By calling the police you ensure the collision is documented and you receive the correct information from the other driver. However, in Maryland there are occasions when you must call the police, they include:

Maryland Accident Statistics

In 2014, there were 29,989 fatal accidents in the United State, of those, 442 individuals lost their lives in Maryland as a result of a motor vehicle accident. There were 246 single-vehicle accident and 196 multiple-vehicle accidents in Maryland that resulted in death for 2014.

Auto Accident Lawyers Here to Help

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident and you’ve sustained injuries, you have rights. Baltimore personal injury lawyer Randolph Rice and his team are here to help. They’ve been fighting for the rights of injury victims in Maryland for over 10 years. Let their experience go to work for you in your injury claim.

¹Source – General Statistics for the IIHS


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