Baltimore Rollover Accident Lawyer

When a car collides with another vehicle or with an object, it can be terrifying and the damage and injuries can be extensive. However, in some situations, the crash may escalate into a rollover accident. A rollover occurs when a vehicle rolls onto its side, roof, or even rolls over multiple times. Understandably, this is a mentally traumatic experience for any victims and can also result in extensive traumatic physical injuries.

The aftermath of a Baltimore rollover accident can be chaotic. Often, a vehicle will be totaled and victims will need to be transported in an ambulance for emergency care. Some victims will deal with their accident-related injuries for months or even years following a rollover crash, not to mention the financial losses they incur.

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Common Causes of Rollover Accidents in Baltimore

Vehicles of certain types are more likely to be involved in rollover accidents. Baltimore rollover accidents are often associated with Jeeps or other SUVs that have a higher center of gravity. While these vehicles can be more prone to rollovers, any vehicle has the potential to roll over under the right circumstances – from the smallest car to the largest commercial truck.

Rollovers can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

  • A driver loses control on a turn due to speed or other circumstances
  • A tire blows out and causes a driver to lose control
  • Another driver crashes into a vehicle at a particular angle or speed
  • Overcorrection by a driver sends the vehicle flying off the road
  • A road hazard “trips” a car and causes it to roll
  • Collisions that occur due to collisions between vehicles

Whether you were a driver or passenger in a vehicle that rolled, chances are you are facing extensive losses and you should be aware of your legal rights.

Injuries Caused by Vehicle Rollover Accidents in Baltimore

Rollovers often result in injuries and fatalities. Some of the most common types of injuries incurred due to rollover accidents in Baltimore include the following:

Back Injuries

Back injuries can include compression fractures, herniated discs, and soft tissue bruising. the disks surrounding vertebrae can be injured as well the surrounding tendons and tissues.

Brain Injuries

These accidents often occur when a person’s head strikes a dashboard or airbag. One of the worst forms of these injuries include traumatic brain injuries, which can last the rest of a person’s life and leave them unable to perform the functions of their job.

Broken Bones

Some bones that tend to be broken as the result of an accident include the bones located in a person’s arms, legs, ribs, and wrists. During the weeks and months that these injuries take to heal, a person can have great difficulty performing daily activities


This category involves deep cuts and tears in the flesh, which frequently require stitches to heal.

Neck Injuries

Whiplash is a very common type of neck injury that is characterized by headaches as well as neck and shoulder pain.

Recovering Compensation for Your Baltimore Rollover Accident Losses

In order to identify your rights to financial recovery, you must determine what – and who – caused the rollover crash. This can be the driver of the car in which you were riding, a driver in a separate car, a government entity that allowed dangerous road hazards, a car manufacturer, and more. No matter who is liable, our car accident attorneys can assist you in seeking compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. We handle every step of your case including:

  • Your own no-fault PIP insurance claim
  • A fault-based insurance claim against another driver
  • A personal injury lawsuit in civil court

Our team knows how to fight for the car accident settlement you deserve for all of the losses you needlessly face.

If You Were Injured, Contact Our Baltimore Rollover Crash Attorney Today for Help

After a serious and frightening rollover accident, your focus should be on your physical and mental recovery – not on the legal process. We handle all aspects of your legal claim so that you do not have the added concern of how you are going to pay for your bills. Call a Maryland personal injury lawyer at Rice, Murtha & Psoras at (410) 694-7291 or contact us online for a free consultation.