Baltimore Attorney for a Crushed Pelvis from an Accident

Suffering from a broken pelvis after an injury can mean weeks in bed and months of physical therapy.  If your injury is severe enough, it might make it impossible to go back to work or support your family.

If you suffered a serious injury that involved a crushed pelvis or pelvic fracture, you might be entitled to financial compensation for the injuries you faced.

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Suing for a Pelvic Fracture Injury in Baltimore

If you faced a serious fractured or crushed pelvis injury, you are usually entitled to seek compensation from the at-fault parties to help you deal with the effects of the injury.

For instance, if you suffered serious hospital bills because of an accident that someone else caused, there is no reason you should be left to pay for those bills, and you can typically get compensation for the medical expenses from the responsible parties.

To get compensation in a lawsuit, you must file your claim with the court and work through the court process to get the case before a judge and jury who can award you the damages you seek.

To prove your case, you will need to show that the at-fault party – the defendant – owed you a legal duty that they breached, and because of that breach of duty, you suffered injuries the court can compensate you for.

The duty in your case depends on how the injury occurred.

If you were hit by a car, the duty the defendant violated might be the duty to follow safe driving practices or to avoid committing traffic violations.

In a case dealing with a slip and fall or a fall down a flight of stairs, the duty the property owner violated might be the duty to make their building accessible to people with disabilities or a duty to clean up and repair hidden dangers on their premises.

Our attorneys can help advise you on whom to sue and what facts and arguments could lead to a successful claim.  In some cases, it might be difficult to determine whom to sue, such as in accidents that happen at an apartment building where both the building owner and the tenant might share some level of responsibility for the accident.

Insurance Settlements for Crushed Pelvis + Broken Hip Injuries in Baltimore

Instead of taking your claim to court, you might try to file your claim with an insurance company.  Injuries that occur at someone’s home are often covered by homeowners insurance, injuries at businesses might be covered by liability insurance, and car accidents are usually covered by auto insurance.

However, the settlement offers paid out by these insurance companies might not cover the entirety of the damages you are entitled to in your case.

Insurance policies make it easier for injured people to get compensation because they can merely file a claim with the insurance company instead of taking their case to court and going through the trial.  However, insurance companies are often unwilling to pay the damages they should pay, or the insurance policy that governs the claim might limit such payments.

In some cases, insurance companies might reject your claims entirely.  If the insurance company refuses to accept your evidence as proof of their policyholder’s fault, you might need to take the defendant to court directly instead of banking on the insurance claim.  Alternatively, an insurance company might not pay the full damages you deserve, cutting your settlement short of covering your medical bills and lost wages.

Insurance companies also usually do not pay for pain and suffering at all, which might mean that you need to file your claim in court to get full compensation for these damages.

The court can compensate you for any damages you faced, whether they are included in the terms of the insurance policy or not.  Additionally, a lawyer can help you determine what your crushed pelvis injury case might be worth and help advise you on whether a settlement offer is too low to cover your needs.

Damages for Broken Pelvis Injuries in Baltimore

As mentioned, you can usually claim damages for the injuries you faced in a lawsuit.  Insurance companies might cover some of these damages, but to seek full compensation for your injuries you may need to file your claim in court.

The first area of damages you should be concerned with is compensation for medical expenses.  If you did not cause the crushed pelvis injury, then you should not be left to pay for the resulting medical care, and the at-fault party should cover these costs.

Similarly, if your injury causes you to miss work through no fault of your own, the defendant should pay for any lost wages and lost earning capacity the injury causes.  Lastly, the defendant should pay you directly for any pain and suffering you face, even if these damages are not visible.

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