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In the aftermath of a motorcycle crash, victims might not see the path forward. Often, the best chance of a suitable recovery is filing a lawsuit in Aspen Hill.

Following your motorcycle accident in Aspen Hill, allow police officers to speak with the negligent party to obtain their information and review the circumstances of the crash. Do not apologize for the accident, as that could be misconstrued as you accepting fault. Once contacted, our attorneys will review your case to determine its value. This will allow us to better evaluate settlement offers from the defendant as they come in. In addition to losses already incurred, you may recover compensation for future damages, such as future medical expenses and lost wages. To do this, you will likely require the support of expert witness statements and other evidence.

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Handling Your Aspen Hill, MD Motorcycle Accident Case

By approaching your motorcycle injury claim correctly, you can give yourself the best chance of recovery. Reporting your accident will be important, as will preparing your case early by consulting with our attorneys.

According to Md. Code, Transp. Art. § 20-107(a), all motorcycle accidents that lead to injury, as well as any motor vehicle accident with the same result, must be reported to the authorities. By calling the police and informing them of your accident, you can begin building documentation of the crash and its result.

While police officers are interviewing involved parties and compiling an incident report, be careful what you say to the negligent driver who harmed you. Do not apologize for the accident or have any unnecessary conversations with the other driver. If you do so, it might be noted in the police report, and insurance companies might point to that as a reason why you do not deserve compensation. This is especially risky for motorcycle injury victims, as Maryland is a pure contributory fault state, meaning being even minimally at fault for your injuries would bar you from compensation in Aspen Hill.

Remaining calm during all subsequent conversations with the at-fault party, whether formal or informal, is of the utmost importance. Allow our attorneys to take care of all communications with the negligent driver so that you do not unintentionally misspeak, putting your access to compensation in jeopardy.

Evaluating Motorcycle Accident Settlement Offers in Aspen Hill, MD

Since motorcycle accident cases are high-value claims, defendants might be anxious to settle out of court so that they are not ordered to provide full compensation to victims at trial. While settling is always a possibility, it is important to evaluate settlement offers carefully as they come in.

Once you accept a settlement from a defendant, the case will be over, and you will not be permitted to claim additional damages in the future. Defendants often know this, which is why they tend to provide lowball settlement offers to victims at the start of cases. If you are in desperate need of compensation, you might jump at one of these offers, only to realize in the following months or years that you deserved so much more than what you were given.

To prevent such a situation from occurring, our motorcycle accident lawyers will compare all settlement offers to your recorded damages. We will negotiate with the other side to come to an agreement that satisfies all parties and does not leave you without proper compensation.

Unfortunately, defendants are not always willing to settle for a fair amount and might decide to take their chances at trial. Should this be the case for you, we can proceed with going to court in Aspen Hill. When you present your case in front of a judge or jury, you can submit all applicable evidence in support of your claim. This will likely include your medical records, as well as physical evidence from the scene, witness statements, photographs, and surveillance footage, among other relevant evidence.

How to Recover Compensation for Future Losses in an Aspen Hill, MD Motorcycle Injury Claim

For many motorcycle accident victims, long-term medical care is required to treat their injuries. Such injuries might prevent victims from returning to work for some time, if ever, meaning they might need compensation for future losses not yet incurred.

Expert testimony will likely be crucial if you require compensation for future losses caused by a motorcycle accident in Aspen Hill. Medical experts can review your medical records and treatment thus far to explain the likely care you will need in the coming months and years. Although you should wait to file your claim until you have a clearer idea of your losses, you should not wait too long, as doing so might cause you to miss the filing deadline, which is three years from the date of injury, as dictated by Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § 5-101.

Such expert statements can also help you recover compensation for future lost wages. Suppose a medical expert testifies to the fact that you will not be capable of returning to work for several years because of your injuries caused by the defendant. In that case, the jury will likely consider that evidence when awarding your damages. We can help a jury estimate your future lost wages by showing them proof of your previous income prior to sustaining your injuries.

Such efforts can allow you to recover compensation for all losses up to the time you file your claim, as well as for future losses not yet incurred. This can result in full compensation for all losses related to your motorcycle accident in Aspen Hill.

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