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In the aftermath of an accident involving an Uber, Lyft, or other rideshare driver, victims should learn about their options for recovery in Aspen Hill.

Because rideshare accidents often lead to serious injuries for victims in Aspen Hill, proper reporting is crucial. On top of reporting the incident to law enforcement, victims should also visit the nearest medical facility so that their injuries can be assessed and diagnosed immediately after a crash. The damages you can recover in your claim will largely depend on your specific losses. Compensation for non-economic damages is currently capped at $935,000 in Maryland. The length of your case will depend on its specific facts and circumstances. That said, you will have three years to initiate your lawsuit and file a complaint with the court in Aspen Hill.

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Reporting Uber and Lyft Accidents in Aspen Hill, MD

Because of the chaotic aftermaths of most rideshare crashes in Aspen Hill, reporting such incidents is crucial. According to Md. Code, Transp. Art. § 20-107(a), all Uber accidents or Lyft accidents that result in injury must be reported to the authorities.

In order to report your accident to the police, all you need to do is call 911. Law enforcement officials from the Montgomery County Police Department will create and complete an accident report, which our Uber and Lyft accident lawyers can obtain after the incident. This report will contain the at-fault party’s information as well as other pertinent details regarding the accident. Despite being inadmissible in court, the accident report can be useful to our lawyers when establishing the basis of your claim.

If you do not report your accident to the police, it can be challenging to show that the incident even occurred. This will be important throughout your case, especially when dealing with the rideshare company’s liability insurance.

While reporting the crash to the police is important, there are additional steps victims should take to ensure an accident is thoroughly documented in Aspen Hill. This includes going directly to the hospital so that medical professionals can assess and diagnose your injuries. Medical records from right after an accident can show the immediate injuries a victim sustained and the cause of those injuries.

Recoverable Damages in Uber and Lyft Injury Claims in Aspen Hill, MD

Damages in rideshare injury claims vary, depending on the case. Our attorneys can evaluate your claim to determine its value so that you know what to expect as you proceed with your case in Aspen Hill.

Claims involving Uber or Lyft’s liability insurance will be capped according to the specific circumstances of a crash. For example, recoverable damages differ depending on whether the rideshare driver was transporting a passenger at the time of the incident or was simply waiting for a ride request.

It is important to understand that suing the rideshare company in question will likely not be possible in Aspen Hill. Rideshare drivers are often considered independent contractors, not regular employees, shielding Lyft and Uber from liability.

If you file a lawsuit against the individual driver responsible for the crash, recoverable damages will differ. In a civil suit, victims can recover compensation for all economic damages related to injuries caused by negligence. This will include compensation for any out-of-pocket expenses, like medical bills. You can also get damages for any lost wages due to the accident in question.

While insurance claims typically do not include damages for non-economic losses, lawsuits can. Currently, non-economic damages in Maryland are limited to $935,000 for injury victims. This limit increases by $15,000 in October of each year, according to Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § 11-108(2)(ii). Proving that you are entitled to compensation for non-financial losses can be challenging and might require you to see a therapist or testify regarding your mental anguish following a rideshare accident in Aspen Hill.

Estimating the Length of Your Lyft or Uber Accident Case in Aspen Hill, MD

Since rideshare accident cases can be complicated, the length of these cases varies in Aspen Hill. We can help you understand how long it might take for you to recover compensation based on the specific facts of your recent accident.

As dictated by Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § 5-101, all injury claims must be brought within three years of an accident in Aspen Hill. This filing deadline will not dictate how long it will take for your case to complete, but it will determine how long you have to file your case with the court in Maryland. Dealing with rideshare liability insurance companies outside of filing a lawsuit might cause some victims to believe that they have initiated the recovery process and thus do not have to be aware of additional filing deadlines. In reality, these are separate processes that must be handled properly so that victims can actually recover the damages they need.

Other things, like the length of settlement negotiations and whether or not you go to trial, might influence how long it takes for you to resolve your case. Settlement negotiations might sometimes drag on based on the defendant’s willingness to settle at an amount that accurately reflects your losses. If we believe that we can leverage certain evidence or information during such negotiations, we might entertain them for some time. However, if it becomes clear that the defendant in your case will not provide you with the compensation you need through a settlement, going to court might be prudent. Court cases take varying amounts of time to conclude based on various factors.

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