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No one expects to suffer a car accident. Each morning in Atlanta, thousands of responsible drivers pull out of their driveways and parking garages to hit the road and start their days. They trust that the other drivers sharing the roadways will share their commitment to safe driving. Unfortunately, that is often not the case.

A high number of harmful accidents occur each day because drivers act carelessly behind the wheel. There are countless forms of negligent behavior that can lead to accidents. For instance, crashes regularly occur because motorists are driving distracted, exceeding speed limits, and ignoring traffic signals. Fortunately, negligent drivers may be sued for the collisions they cause.

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Sharing Fault for a Car Accident in Atlanta, GA

Fault can be shared for car accidents. For instance, a distracted driver may share blame for a crash with another motorist who was driving at night without headlights. Moreover, someone who is speeding behind the wheel may be partially at fault for a collision with another driver who committed an improper lane change.

Thankfully, even if you share a degree of blame for your car accident in Atlanta, you may still be able to obtain damages from the other, at-fault party. Under Georgia’s doctrine of “modified comparative negligence,” damages in car accident lawsuits will be apportioned based on parties’ percentages of fault. As an example, if you are 40% responsible for your crash while the defendant in your case is 60% to blame, then they will have to account for 60% of your damages while you are left to deal with the remaining 40%.

It is crucial to note that if your portion of responsibility for your collision meets or exceeds 50%, then you will be prevented from suing another party for your car accident injuries. It is possible that the defendant in your case will try to shift blame onto you in order to avoid paying for the damages they caused. Therefore, support from our car accident lawyers can be invaluable when building your case and negotiating for payment. We will not let you be taken advantage of by the defendant and their insurer. We will work relentlessly to gather evidence that proves your case and discredits any other assertions of fault.

Damages You Can Recover in an Atlanta Car Accident Case

A wide range of monetary damages may be awarded in your car accident lawsuit. After a free review of your specific claim, our legal team can explain which of the following may be pursued:

Medical Expenses

You may incur a great deal of medical expenses as your car accident injuries are treated. Fortunately, the cost of all reasonable medical expenses related to your injuries may be accounted for in your car accident lawsuit. For instance, you may obtain payment for the cost of your ambulance ride, surgical operations, hospital treatments, prescription medications, and rehabilitative therapies.

Damages for medical expenses will likely be established using your medical records and bills. It is imperative that you seek medical treatment quickly after your accident. By waiting too long and allowing your injuries to heal on their own, you may make it hard to obtain the documentation necessary to recover maximum payment for medical expenses in your case.

Lost Income

It is possible that your car accident injuries will prevent you from returning to work during your recovery. In this case, you may be able to acquire damages for the lost income caused by injuries. Compensation for lost income should be calculated using your average weekly wages.

Further, in the event that your car accident injury permanently restricts you from working in the future, you may obtain payment for your diminished future earning capacity. However, recovering payment for lost future income can be highly difficult without legal support. You will likely need to present an array of complicated evidence in order to establish these damages in your case.

Property Damage

If your vehicle or another piece personal property was damaged by your crash, then you may obtain payment for the cost of that property’s repair or replacement. It may greatly benefit you to take photos of your damaged vehicle immediately after suffering your collision. The defendant in your case may attempt to argue that your property damage is actually related to some subsequent event. By presenting photos from the scene depicting the damage, you may link it to the accident at issue.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Additionally, there are many different types of out-of-pocket expenses that may be accounted for in your car accident lawsuit. For instance, you may have to pay a significant price to have your vehicle towed from the scene of your crash. Moreover, you may incur expensive transportation costs while travelling to and from your court proceedings and doctor’s appointments. All of the aforementioned expenses could be included in your claim against the other, at-fault driver.

Damages for out-of-pocket expenses will likely be proven using your receipts and other financial records. It follows that you should attempt to preserve the receipts for any costs that you incur because of your collision.

Pain and Suffering

Finally, in addition to the economic damages mentioned above, you may obtain non-economic damages for the physical pain and emotional suffering caused by your car accident injuries.

For example, in addition to causing immense physical pain, a spinal cord injury may prevent you from partaking in your favorite hobbies or playing with your children. Further, a brain injury may prevent you from fostering meaningful relationships with friends and family members. Such damages may be accounted for in your car accident lawsuit.

Still, damages for pain and suffering can be difficult to quantify without support from our legal team. Our attorneys can help ensure that you recover the full extent of pain and suffering damages available in your specific case.

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