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Truck accidents are some of the most serious types of motor-vehicle collisions that can occur. Since the vehicles involved in such accidents are often very large, the resulting injuries are typically severe. Victims regularly sustain broken bones, spinal injuries, head injuries, and soft tissue damage as a result of their collisions. Furthermore, in most cases, devastating property damage will be incurred.

Thankfully, negligent parties may be sued for the truck accidents they cause. In the aftermath of your crash, our experienced legal team can perform an investigation to determine who is to blame. Moreover, we can help gather evidence, present your case, and negotiate for the full range of monetary damages available to you.

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Who to Sue After a Truck Accident in Atlanta

There are multiple parties who may be at fault for a truck accident. After assessing the specifics of your case, our truck accident lawyers can determine if you may bring a claim against any of the following parties:

Truck Drivers

First, many truck accidents happen because truck drivers commit careless maneuvers. For instance, a tired truck driver may cause an accident by running a red light, speeding, or committing an improper left turn. If your crash was caused by a truck driver’s negligence, then you may be able to sue them for the damages you sustained.

Trucking Companies

Also, there are multiple ways that a trucking company may be liable for your collision.

For instance, your crash may have occurred because a trucking company did not perform proper maintenance on their vehicle. Further, your crash may have happened because a trucking company hired a dangerous driver without performing a proper background check.

After investigating your accident, our legal team can determine the strength of your potential claim against the trucking company involved in your case.

Third-Party Drivers

Furthermore, a third-party driver may be responsible for your truck accident. As an example, your crash may have happened because a third-party motorist committed an improper lane change and forced a truck driver to veer into your lane. Support from our legal team can be very beneficial when gathering evidence to build a claim against a third-party driver.

Defective Part Manufacturers

In rare cases, truck accidents occur because vehicle are equipped with defective parts. For instance, a crash may occur because a truck was equipped with faulty brakes or malfunctioning headlights.

If your crash was caused by a defective part, you may be able to sue the defective part’s manufacturer. However, proving fault in such a case can be difficult without help from our legal professionals. You will likely need to present copious amounts of complex evidence to prove that the manufacturer is responsible for your accident.

Government Entities

Lastly, you may sue a government entity if your accident was caused by negligence on the part of the government or its employees. For example, you may be able to sue a government entity if your accident involved a government-owned truck. Further, you may be able to sue the government if your crash was caused by poor road conditions that should have been fixed.

However, there is a unique process that must be followed when filing a personal injury claim against a government entity. Our attorneys’ guidance can be invaluable when pursuing such a claim in your case.

Considering Settlement Offers in Atlanta Truck Accident Lawsuits

If you file a truck accident lawsuit in Atlanta, the defendant will probably present you with a settlement offer before your case goes to trial. If you accept their offer and enter into a settlement agreement, then you will receive a certain sum of damages in exchange for your case’s dismissal. There are potential advantages to settling before trial. For example, by settling early, you may obtain payment more quickly. Moreover, you may save on certain costs that would be incurred at trial like witness fees and administrative expenses.

Still, defendants and their insurance companies often attempt to settle as quickly and as cheaply as possible. It is likely that the first settlement offer you receive will not reflect the true value of your claim.

Thankfully, our legal professionals will ensure that you understand the true value of your case. That way, you can confidently determine whether or not to accept a particular offer. Further, if an acceptable offer is not presented, then we will fight for the damages you deserve at trial.

Common Locations Where Truck Accidents Happen in Atlanta

Truck accidents can happen on nearly any public or private road. Still, there are certain locations where such accidents most often occur. Being aware of these locations may help you stay safe behind the wheel:

Highways and Interstates

Truck accidents frequently occur on highways and interstates where high speeds are common. While traveling at high speeds, truck drivers may have difficulty controlling their vehicles or reacting to changing traffic conditions. Still, many long-haul truckers take to the Atlanta highways each day to transport goods across the state and country.

Urban Streets

In urban areas, intersections and busy streets are common locations for truck accidents. Trucks navigating through tight city spaces often collide with smaller vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians.

Rural Roads

Rural roads present unique hazards because of their narrow lanes and lack of street lighting. Further, these roads may also have sharp bends that are difficult for trucks to navigate safely. Truck accidents on rural roads often involve devastating head-on collisions or catastrophic rollovers.

Construction Zones

Construction zones are hotspots for truck accidents because of sudden lane shifts, reduced speed limits, and the presence of construction workers and equipment. Trucks may find it difficult to maneuver through these tight, shifting lanes.

Weather-Affected Roads

Lastly, many truck accidents occur on roads affected by adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain or ice (yes, we do get icy roads in Atlanta). These conditions make it difficult for trucks to stop and maintain control.

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